Walk the Walk helps Hoboken Seniors


Helping those who need a hand

Ever hear of the Walk the Walk Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity organization aimed at helping local shut-in senior citizens? They’re a group of young professionals who help the community in the best way they can.

Every year, the provide a warm Thanksgiving meal to shut-in seniors who normally rely on Meals on Wheels for food. Since Meals on Wheels does not deliver on Thanksgiving, they have raised money and will be providing approximately 150 senior citizens with a hot meal on Thursday. Walk the Walk will package and deliver food this afternoon at the Hoboken Elks Lodge from 12-2pm.

For more information or ways to help please email Russell Young or call 732-948-4349.

Kudos to the Walk the Walk Foundation!

Hoboken Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Meal Drive 2010 Elks Lodge

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