Winter finally coming

1/20/2007 Update:

Seems as if they were right all along! Maybe we can believe the long-term forecasts?
It snowed on the 20th!!

1/11/2007 Update:

So much for the long-term forecast. It’s now like 15 degrees warmer. Hmmph. I guess I’ll join the “I’ll believe it when I see it” crowd.



Got mittens for Christmas and dying to use them? Well, help is around the corner.

Seems as if our lucky streak of unseasonably warm weather in Hoboken may be coming to an end soon. Also, I doubt how accurate the 10-12 day forecasts are these days, but they’re predicting really cold weather and perhaps some real snow?


Here’s an explanation and what’s to come from Accuweather:

Major Change in the Weather Pattern


A major change in the weather pattern across North America is about to take place. Through much of December and into early January, there has mainly been a strong west-to-east flow of Pacific air across the United States and Canada, leading to the mild conditions. During the middle and end of this week, the pattern will go through a major change as Pacific air is blocked from moving inland by a developing high pressure ridge along the West Coast. This will lead to much needed drier weather in the Northwest. Very cold air from the Arctic will then spread southward through Canada and into the Rockies and Plains. The cold will eventually reach the Eastern Seaboard early next week.


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I hear you on the allergy thing, KK – my fiance’s having a horrible time right now. We need a weather machine, god damn it!

kooky kat

Saturday morning was one of the worst mornings ever! That humidity brought on an allergy attack like I have never had. Only adding issues to the cold I already had on top of it.

Winter (for me and my curly hair) is supposed to be good hair time, not this crapola. I, too say, bring it on!


I’d welcome anything approximating a normal winter. Especially snow.


Hate the cold, love the snow.

It’s been way too long since I’ve snowboarded down the slopes of Steven’s Tech.