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leakdetector2.jpgWas out of town to come back to this crazy area-wide gas smell story! How did people deal with it? See response from a reader and the Jersey Journal below:

From Matt:
There is some kind of major gas leak going on and they have not definitely located it yet. It is in mid and lower manhattan and in NJ. Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehauken and Bayonne all receiving calls about odor of gas. In Manhattan they received hundreds of calls about it, and evacuated some buildings. The building where Howard Stern is was evacuated, and they went off the air from Sirius for a while. I think they are letting people back in the buildings now. The PATH was shutdown for a while. My commute through the Lincoln tunnel was horrible, but I’m not sure that was related. Of course all the buses were packed solid because everyone was taking the bus instead of PATH. I waited an hour for a bus. The Holland tunnel also had numerous reports of gas odor and marine units from JC and FDNY checked it out on both ends above, and Port Authority checked in the tunnel. There was a news conference from Bloomberg, but I don’t think they really said anything new. I don’t think they have located the source yet, but ConEd reported a general contractor broke a gas main on 10th st & Bleeker. Could be the source. Unconfirmed.

Jersey Journal:

PATH reopens after gas leak

A mysterious gas-like odor covered the region this morning, leaving people wondering what they were smelling.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has resumed PATH train service between Hudson County and 33rd Street in Manhattan after it was suspended this morning.

In Jersey City, Maria Pignataro, the spokeswoman for Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, said officials were told the odor in their city was due to a gas leak in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

Hoboken Mayor David Roberts said he received several phone calls just before 9 a.m. reporting odors of gas there. He contacted the city’s chief of emergency management, Joe Mestre, and put the city on its highest alert short of declaring a state of emergency.

The New York Fire Department began getting calls about the odor around 9 a.m., said spokesman Tim Hinchey. The cause was not immediately identified.

Susan Badger, a retiree who lives Manhattan, said she smelled the gas in the morning and left the apartment building at 27th Street and Eighth Avenue to escape the smell.

“If it’s throughout the whole city, it seems that it must be a lot of gas. It’s really extreme,” she said.

Tim Morrin, a metereologist at the National Weather Service, said winds were fairly light, about 5-10 mph, coming from the south/southwest. He said the wind direction will shift at noon to a northerly direction.

“Wherever the source is … the wind direction would be blowing from south-southwest to a northerly direction,” Morrin said.

Consolidated Edison had crews investigating at numerous locations, said spokeswoman Joy Faber.

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It definately wasn’t me


Big stink over NJ and NYC? Leno and Letterman are gonna love this one.

Separately, great headline in the NY Post this afternoon: “Bloomy: Passing Gas Safe”


thanks nihil72, Jerzey, the most malls, congestion, highest taxes, energy plants, the list goes on, how can u not say this place stinks…..looking at Kentucky for a change of scenary…at leat ill have the derby every year to look forward to…


Come now emarche, certainly you’ve noticed that the Jerz has a rather distinct odor about it? What do you expect when you build 2 million factories and refineries in a swamp?


Thanks for confirming what we already suspected, BBB – you’re a whiner.