Pedestrian Saftey Program

Starting February 1st (a little more than three months till election time), the “Walk Safe Hoboken” program will begin.

This will be paid for with an $18,000 grant. Not sure what they plan on doing with this money. Common sense should be inherent. You think brochures and classes teaching us how to walk and drive will be helpful? They’ve always had the ability to ticket jay-walkers, double-parkers and other traffic offenders. Aren’t punishments usually good lessons too?

nopedestrians.gifHave any of you seen the “traffic calming yield to pedestrian signs” that have been literally smashed by a car? I have.

I still say making it impossible to park near intersections is probably the best way to improve intersection safety overall.

If all else fails, just start prohibiting pedestrian traffic, and let the nutso drivers win.

From the Hoboken City Website here.

Pedestrian Safety Campaign Continues

The Hoboken Police Department will begin a new comprehensive pedestrian safety project beginning February 1st, announced Mayor David Roberts. The initiative is part of an ongoing quality of life campaign to protect pedestrians.

Named “Walk Safe Hoboken,” the project is aimed at protecting pedestrians through education, enforcement and education.

“Since the beginning of my administration I have made pedestrian safety a major priority as it is an issue that affects every citizen,” said Mayor Roberts. “Over the past six years we have installed traffic calming devices like speed bumps, “Yield to Pedestrian” signs, and have repainted crosswalks and curbs.”

“Walk Safe Hoboken” is being made possible as a result of an $18,000 grant from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The enforcement operation will target both moving vehicle and pedestrian violations that place individuals at risk.

Additionally, the grant provides funding for the purchase of educational items designed to raise awareness about pedestrian safety in the community. Presentations will be held in February and will have a special emphasis on children and senior citizens.

The programs will be supervised by Lt. Walter Wehrhahn of the Traffic and Transportation Bureau. For more information, contact Sgt. John Miskulin at (201) 420-5116

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why are there no crosswalk signs on washington street? During the day you cant tell when to cross the street becasue of the glaring sun and position of the street lights. Why are Walk/Dont walk signs not even considered in the city?

also how about ticketing all the assholes that drive talking on their cell phone blowing through intersections and never yielding to pedestrians.

it seems like its illegal not to drive with out a cell phone in your hand doing 40 MPH in hoboken.


Right, but you’d get dummies with bells on their bikes and then the usual “I’m better than you are” bullshit would start and within a week you’d have morons blowing airhorns all over Hoboken. Here’s what they should do: mandatory driving tests for all Hoboken (well…they should do this country-wide) drivers with a hard cut-off. If you don’t know the rules of the road, your license gets pulled until you learn them. Never happen, but if it did I think the number of drivers in Hoboken would decrease by about 80%.


It could be a lot of fun if cars were banned and the streets opened up to bicycles…
Certainly would be a lot less noisy with all the horns blowing and stupid car alarms constantly going off…


Hmm, that idea about bicycles only in all of Hoboken. Could be fun.

Ever watch the Tour De France – all of the sudden some random guy slips and takes out 50 people around him?

I’m imagining the same pile up every morning happening at the Path station when people come around the corner of Hobson’s Bar & Grill. That would be an amazing photo actually. Hoboken411 would love that one to submit for the Pulitzer.


I don’t have numbers on this but the number of people on bikes who don’t follow the law is high. Like riding on the sidewalk.