Hoboken Week in Review 1/7/2007

h411pill2.jpgIt’s been two weeks since the Week in Review capsule was posted. Here we go, in a new year and on a new server! Thanks again to the thousands of readers who come to Hoboken411 for their daily fix of Hoboken!

The line for tips, comments and pics is always open: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

News, items of importance:

Town Government:


  • NYE Fireworks – A great alternative to the usual New Years routine. Video and lots of pics.

New or Coming Soon:

  • Garden of Eden – Opened up and immediately became the most crowded market in Hoboken.
  • NYSC Uptown – Despite their fruity marketing, this gym is welcome uptown.
  • Mercy Grill – Also opened and seems to be doing well so far as they’re packing them in!
  • Sushi House Uptown – Not sure, I thought people like sushi, by judging by the comments, buzz is sub-par.
  • Kidz City – A new daycare place that’s already teaching kidz to misspell.
  • Classic Realty – Beefing up Hoboken’s super-army of agents to sell, sell, sell!
  • Hoboken Dahn Yoga – Bring Korean philosophies to cure your woes.
  • Ferraz and Subway – Temporarily close for renovations.

Doomed or closing soon:

  • Echo of Art – They’re closing by choice. They’re closing by choice.


Fun, Games and Random Observations:

  • Hoboken Year in Review – Tries to sum up what businesses bid farewell and who said hello!
  • Downtime – Hoboken411 was off-the-air for 28 hours while server was upgraded. Thanks for all your patience!
  • Local Predator – Gets some upgraded PR photos and a two-page spread in the Jersey Journal.
  • New Years Resolutions – 411’s was to go 33 straight days without alcohol. What is yours?

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Incident Map – One giant fire, reckless drivers, vandalism galore and dim-witted drunks. And?

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Just recently found this site…seems mostly on the ball…but…this comment “Held a vigil to knock some sense into this plan” about the project proposed by the small parish of All Saints to save Holy Innocents is off the mark by a long shot. The plan proposed by the parish to save Holy Innocents is pretty reasonable and it seems like you have been taken in by the misinformation spread about the parish’s efforts to save the church building. There were only a few people at the “vigil” who even knew anything about the plan, the rest of the small group were the People for Open Government and they were there to get signatures for their (worthwhile) petition which has nothing to do with Holy Innocents. There was flyer being handed out a couple weeks ago which stated a number of incorrect things about the plan. The flyer said the parish was trying to make “quick profits” (untrue), that there exists a trust fund for the church building(untrue) and some other derogatory innuendo. The Holy Innocents property is owned by the Episcopal Parish of All Saints which has its current church building at 7th and Washington. It is an amazing church which does a tremendous amount of good for Hoboken. For instance, it begged and borrowed and raised funds to build the Jubilee Center, a community center across the street from the Hoboken housing project to serve the children of that neighborhood. The Holy Innocents project would enable the parish to… Read more »