11th Street Parking questions

parkingdiagram.jpgSince parking is at a premium in Hoboken, any chance that there may be more somewhere is a great find.

A reader sent this question in regarding the parking along the new Maxwell Place property.

“Do you have any idea about the legality of parking on the new extension of 11th Street? There are some parts with yellow curbs, but the majority is not. The part where it curves south and connects to Sinatra Drive is not painted yellow except for where the fire hydrant is. I called the Hoboken Parking Utlitity to inquire about it and she said you didn’t think you could park there, but I’m not sure. There are no signs saying No Parking.

I called the Police as well, and the officer’s answer was, “If you’re not sure, it’s safer not to do it.” Because he didn’t know either. I know that over by the Shipyard by the fountain, you do not need a Hoboken decal to park. They just have signs that say no parking mon-fri 8am-11am. I’m thinking since this is a street privately built, it is the same way. ”

Below are some pictures as well as a diagram of the spots in question.

My guess is, there has to be legal parking there, why else would they paint boxes around the fire hydrant areas? There is one no stopping or standing sign underneath the “Right Lane Must…” sign by Sinatra Drive.

Anyone else have any clue as to what the true deal is? And why don’t the Police know definitively?



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[quote comment=”104368″] you can and will be towed at your own expense. [/quote]

Only as of Friday.

strand tramp
strand tramp

well, those “streets” are not city streets. it’s private property. so even if you have a hoboken city parking permit you can and will be towed at your own expense. the city doesn’t clean those streets, or pave them, or plan on snow plowing. those are really large driveways.


Street parking is no longer allowed around Maxwell Place as of last Friday. Anyone have any idea why?


There are now “No Stopping or Standing” temporary signs in place on the street. Not sure the purpose.


I spoke with the doorman today and he said parking is legal until March when signs will be posted. Not sure if they will specify times parking is not permitted, or if a permit is required.