Hoboken Inflation Barometer 2011


Massive inflation: Is it coming? It is already here!

There’s much debate in the media these days, from horrifically inaccurate reports each month that say “the economy is rebounding (insert metric here – Real Estate, Jobs, Inflation)” – to more doomsday-ish types that predict massive inflation, the discombobulation of the middle class – and more.

Rather than get into that debate here (you know what you believe already) – I’d rather create a historical tracker to monitor the price of various commodities and products that Hoboken residents might buy.

Consider this your post (bookmark it) – and report back items that you’d either:

  • (A) Want to track going forward, or
  • (B) Notice a significant price increase on

If you’re in tune with what’s going on, you already know that big box retailers like Walmart have already reported close to 1% price increases in the last two months alone – or have started offering less product for the same money. And don’t forget that Cotton apparently will have a big impact on the stylish clothes you love to wear – with prices expected to increase 30% in the next year (stock up now?)

I picked one item that I noticed here from an advertiser on Hoboken411: Domino’s. They’ve been offering this two medium, two-topping pizza deal for $5.99 per pie for quite a while now. I read somewhere that you should expect to see this increase up to $7.99 per pie within the next year. We’ll see what happens.

Do you have a prediction about the future prices of products or commodities?

Dominos Pizza Deal 599 November 11 2010 how long will that last - Hoboken Inflation Barometer 2011

Note: In the comments section if you spot a price increase, format it as follows:

“Inflation Alert:
Item: Product ABC
Previous Cost: $ some lesser dollars
Current Cost: $ some higher dollars (cite unit cost increase if it’s a Walmart style charade)”

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A realistic inflation bellweather is our ‘teens’ & young person’s clothing such as Holister & Express and the ‘sneakers’ & footware in vogue………. 🙄


Increasing corn prices will affect thousands of regular items in the supermarkets. From soda, to breads, meats and more. Just watch your weekly receipt.