Debbie Manville at Paul Vincent Gallery


Mark your calendars! A great new gallery opening this Sunday at Paul Vincent Gallery downtown (49 Harrison St.)

Debbie Manville (a.k.a. Miss Dabree):

“Paul Vincent Gallery proudly presents painter Debbie Manville.

We invite you to join us on Sunday November 14, 2010, 3pm-7pm to view a full body of work that she’s been mastering. Our Gallery hours are by appointment only.

Debbie Manville (A.K.A. Miss Dabree) is a multi-media artist who currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. Inspired by art from 1940 to present, her work blends together elements of bright colors, graphics that pop and words to formulate meaning. She believes that art is it’s own form of communication and therefore, each piece’s meaning is made within the viewer’s mind, much like a Rorschach test. There is no wrong answer.

Debbie’s series began as an experiment to see how well she could replicate very old images into large forms of acrylic on canvas. Being halves and pieces of images, they juxtapose some ideas and invent others. Some of the images are upside down, some very short, some used merely for shape, color or texture. Her work is always colorful and filled with images, words and ideas that she would want to look at.

There is an element of beauty involved and depicted as glamorous for the advertisements of the 1940’s. In media, beauty is often put on a pedestal, with the viewer absorbing only that, forgetting true beauty comes from the within. On the other hand, she likes using women’s images as they are curvy and enticing, which is absolutely necessary, as it keeps our existence viable. This show was almost named, “Et tu, beauté?”

What makes this series work is the combination of graphics vs. words vs. photographs. This makes you subliminally understand that it is not all one art form. It is mixed media, mixed messages and mixed meaning. Being a human, your mind wants to make a story that is identifiable from abstraction. There is no story to read, only a feeling, which is expressed in an internal and subliminal way.

Debbie believes most paintings make a sound through thoughts processed while looking at it. She especially likes the idea of silence coming from a painting because then it gives you a chance to think. There is no exact meaning or definition to these as it is impossible to sum up what she is trying to say unless you read it as a whole. There is no translation, like from language to language. What you see is the communication and it sounds and says exactly what you see.”

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