60 Second Review #2: Hudson Pizza Company

1/19/2011 Update:

Other items at Hudson Pizza Company

OK – back in November 2010, Hoboken411 gave the Hudson Pizza Company (HPC) a very positive review. But one of the problems when you (as a media publication) issue “opinions,” is that you cannot guarantee the consistency from said establishments going forward. You can only relay the experiences you had.

That is one of the concerns Hoboken411 has had with not only HPC, but their sister company Flacoz Tacoz. Once 411 provided the “good news,” it seemed that quality control went down at both establishments shortly after the reviews!

Regardless – here’s a 60 day update for the Hudson Pizza Company:

  • The pizza consistency is still erratic. Fantastic (mind-blowing) one day, doughy and lame the next. That inconsistency isn’t favorable amongst any normal customer. HPC: Please figure out a way to maintain a consistently (good) product!
  • We recently ordered some non-pizza items. For one, the salads have been spot on for at least four deliveries. Super Fresh ingredients. Bonus points for that!
  • Had some Fried Mutz too. Not the best (we believe they were of the frozen variety), however – they were hot and melted still after getting delivered, and the marinara sauce was tangy and flavorful. So net-net “not bad.”

Hoboken Businesses: The best thing you can ever do – is be consistent. Even if you’re mediocre – maintain that level. Because most customers expect the same product every time they order. Have you once got something “out of the ordinary” at a fast-food joint? Nope – they get it exactly the same way every time. Please strive for that – only “better quality!”

Cheers! Hoboken411

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Hudson Pizza Company: Reliable and tasty

Hudson Pizza Company at 100 Hudson Street recently took over ownership of the old Marisa’s Pizza – and I’m happy to report a great improvement.

The same owners as Flacoz Tacoz and Pita Grill – Hoboken’s latest Pizza Parlor is definitely high on the 411 short-list of go-to places in the Mile Square now.

For the purpose of this 60 second review, the sample size was: (1) sit-down lunch, (2) plain pies delivered and (2) Buffalo pies delivered (all on separate days).

See menu here to review their offerings.

60 Second Review of Hudson Pizza Company

  • Plain Cheese Pizzas: Excellent taste, presentation, and stability. Fair price ($14). Nice stringy cheese. A sweeter sauce than most places, but no acid-reflux to report. Substantial sauce portions allow the pizza to re-heat VERY WELL up to two days later. Even tried the old “leave the pie out for 24 hours at room temperature” test – and it still re-heated perfectly. Big bonus points for that.
  • Buffalo Pizzas: Out of this world. The “heaviest” pie I’ve ever had in Hoboken. Thick strips of breaded chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese. Held up well despite the enormous toppings. One slice is perfect – two fill you up for hours. Definitely worth the money ($19 for a large). Owners also report that being their most popular pie.
  • In-house slices: Sampled Plain, Bacon, Broccoli (white) and Hawaiian. All had great taste – however, two of the slices (Hawaiian & broccoli) were a bit underdone and fell apart. Notified owners to be aware of the crust thickness and level of cooking. Otherwise happy.
  • Delivery: All four times the pizza was delivered quickly (30 minutes +/- five minutes). Got one pie in 20 minutes. One time we were disappointed when they didn’t deliver at 10:20pm on a Sunday, despite the menu saying they’re open until 11pm. Guess it was a slow night.

Conclusion: I’m very happy with the new Hudson Pizza Company, and will keep them in the rotation until (hopefully never) they royally screw up. The new owners seemed to have more pride in their product, which is becoming more and more infrequent in Hoboken over the past few years.


Oh – and see menu again – in case you missed the first time I gave you a chance to view it! And if you need their phone number, here it is: (201)710-5094

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I’ve ordered from HPC twice. The first time I got the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was very heavy, and the BBQ sauce was pretty tangy. I sort of enjoyed it (the first slice at least), the wife did not.

The second time we ordered, it was only because Flippos was closed on a Sunday night. So we decided to give HPC another try, this time ordering sandwiches and a side of their pizza fries. Well, the order took 75 minutes, the sandwiches were missing key ingredients, and not surprisingly, the fries were too soggy after 75 minutes to eat.

We will not be ordering from HPC again.


Their sandwiches are not very good, the bread is dry and falls apart. The buffalo chicken pizza they are famous for came from previous owners…overall service and quality is way too inconsistent.

When will there be a good pizza place in Hoboken?


Pizza Republic us excellent. [quote comment=”202571″]Their sandwiches are not very good, the bread is dry and falls apart. The buffalo chicken pizza they are famous for came from previous owners…overall service and quality is way too inconsistent.When will there be a good pizza place in Hoboken?[/quote]


Dammit, now I want cheese sticks


We ordered a few pizzas this past weekend—the buffalo, veggie, and chicken/bacon ranch pizzas. I had a slice of the veggie pizza and a slice of the chicken/bacon ranch pizza…they were very filling and very tasty!


Heard good things about the pizza too. Will have to try this weekend. But their menu looks very comprehensive, has anyone tried their other items like salads or entrees?