Hudson Pizza – ?

Wassup with Hudson Pizza?

Not sure what the deal is with Hudson Pizza at 1st & Hudson (once called Hudson Pizza Company, then Marisa’s before that, and so on…)

Each time we’ve strolled by, they’ve been closed. Odd that this location can’t sustain a business. Even a Quizno’s didn’t last. Must be haunted or something.

Hudson Pizza Hoboken NJ closed - Hudson Pizza - ?

Hudson Pizza Hoboken NJ empty - Hudson Pizza - ?

Hudson Pizza Company: Hoboken, NJ

10/11/2010 Post:

New Pizza Parlor by the same owners of Flacoz Tacoz and Pita Grill. Took the place of the old Marisa’s Pizza.

See 60 Second Review: Hudson Pizza Company here.

And MENU here.

Hudson Pizza Company Hoboken NJ New - Hudson Pizza - ?

Description: Pizza Parlor Restaurant. Delivery.
Website: (inactive as of November 2010)
Address: 100 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-710-5094, 201-710-5095

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