Fixed-income housing

Open question to the members of the City Council, The Mayor and the Housing Authority:

How does one get into the fixed-income buildings in Hoboken? The wife of a disabled senior citizen and Veteran sent Hoboken411 an email asking why they tell you there’s a 15 year waiting list, while some people seem to get in effortlessly without waiting?

They have been forced to sell their home because they cannot afford the upkeep anymore, and will have troubles paying the high-rent in Hoboken otherwise.

Her letter:
Subject: How do you get into the three towers (I’m assuming Church Towers)

church-tower.JPG“My husband, as a disabled, senior, vet – wants to how do you get into the fixed income after they tell you there is a 15 year waiting list, whereas some people get into the system here, easier and without any difficulty, that are not seniors and disabled veterans.

Where do the elderly of Hoboken, that can no longer afford the taxes and the high cost of building repair, etc., fit in?

How can there be a 15 year waiting list, how often is it reviewed and why does the Senior Housing Authority Board not respond to a private citizen’s questions?

Do you know who I can contact for him, other than having left a voicemail for the Mayor’s secretary, as I have gotten nowhere from the State of New Jersey Housing, as they transferred my questions to Hudson County and there was no response from the Senior Board Members, which I think is not right at all. I know there are residents from Jersey City also in the Towers, but we in Hoboken have are the ones paying the taxes.”

Can anyone shed some light on this, and is there anything that can be done?

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I was going to ask the blokes running for my ward about this letter, but without knowind who the letter writer is, it can not be advanced very far.

Hoboken411, could you let the writer know I would be pleased if they contact me?


I just can’t resist reviving this thread since I’ve got affordable housing in Hoboken on the brain. For a mile square city, there sure seems to be a lot of it.

Sure the system’s corrupt and all the power-brokers have their cheap apartments. But I do have a prickly question (ok, lock and load). This couple looking for a place in Marine View — they owned a house in Hoboken? They sold it? That didn’t net them enough to buy a beachfront house in Tahiti?


so where is this going, if you cannot get the Mayor to respond, and people need assistance; Is C not in charge of the seniors, or the zone area personae?

How does one go about helping the elderly who worked all their lives, are healthy in mind but need assistance to live in the fixed income, vet and disabled couple?
What is up on the 15 year wait list – is this all fraud or not updated;who can find out what is real here?

Is there no solution here in Hoboken, to help these people,and others like them?

dO WE give up ona Society that raised us, at age 65 must they be forgotten, even if disabled, some are alot younger, perhaps 40…ever think it could happen to you??


My father lives in Marine View Plaza. He’s a senior and wouldn’t be able to afford Hoboken if not for fixed-income housing. He got in over 15 years ago after being on the list for years. You can definitely forgo the list if you know the right people. What really sucks about this is that someone deserving of fixed-income housing, like the woman who wrote the letter, is made to wait while someone else can buy their way in.
Is there anything that can be done to help this couple? Does anyone care?
They deserve better.


This sound all sorted, sleazy and creepy.

So old school Hoboken. 🙄