Hoboken Collapses: Now taking reservations


Just in case: Elysian Park

If “Hoboken news” was a restaurant that only catered to “floods” and “collapses,” they’d be booked solid for a long time. Stories about street collapses, pier collapses and widespread flooding would be lined up around the block.

So with that concept in place, Elysian Park didn’t want to feel left out – and is booking a table in the restaurant now – just in case.

I’m not indicating that this retaining wall along Sinatra Drive is in any danger of bulging out or collapsing, since it was made back in the time when things were built with integrity and not cutting corners. However, seeing these cracks in the wall here doesn’t give me a warm & fuzzy feeling, so we’ll leave this story online as a placeholder in the event it does come tumbling down one day in the future.

In Hoboken, you can never be certain what is next.

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