60 Second Review: Joeys Fried Chicken


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New Fried Chicken Contender in Hoboken!

Getting excellent fried chicken in Hoboken has always been a bit of a difficult task. Such a simple premise, yet no clear winners. Cluck-U is OK in a pinch, but leaves you feeling unfulfilled (and quite violated at times). The new Korean Chicken Factory is great – but only serves legs and wings – not apples to apples.

Well it seems that Joey’s BBQ (916 Wash) takes “Southern Style Fried Chicken” up a notch in the Mile Square.

  • Fried Chicken Pieces: Legs, Thighs, Wings and Breasts. Juicy & moist – and just crispy enough. Decent flavor and your choice of dipping sauces (Honey mustard, BBQ and Buffalo).
  • Jumbo Tenders: Plump and filling. Genuine (real) chicken breast. Ordered a 5-piece ($8) and couldn’t finish but three of them. Stuffed to the gills.

How Joeys does it

For the Chicken “parts,” Joey’s doesn’t just fry them – it’s a two part process.

First, the fresh chicken is pre-cooked and smoked it their BBQ pit. Then, they dredge it in their own “secret selection” of seasonings and flour (ask for extra if you want a more crispy outside). It’s then cooked to perfection in pure canola oil.

The tenders, however, are done by just frying – but equally tasty.

If you haven’t tried them yet – give it a shot, and share your feedback. If you have – how would you rate it?

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Had the tenders and thought they were a bit pricey at first, but made for two meals, so it was worth it.


Ordered from there last week and it was terrible. Ordered four southern fried chicken thighs and an order of jumbo wings. When the order came it contained two chicken breasts and two thighs that were so overcooked it had to be thrown out. The jumbo chicken wings were six midsection of small wings. I do not consider that jumbo wings. Do not waste your money. Biggies fried chicken is better.[quote comment=”199737″]Had the tenders and thought they were a bit pricey at first, but made for two meals, so it was worth it.[/quote]