Real Estate: Do numbers and stats matter?


Reports: facts or psychological manipulation?

Whether you watch CNBC or CNN, read the NY Times or Wall Street Journal – you’re constantly bombarded with “reports” about the state of pretty much any financial market (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.)

But are those numbers and trends reported accurate? Or just spun to potentially influence investors one direction or another?

One such example was last month’s report from the National Association of Realtors – who proudly proclaimed that existing home sales jumped 10% in September.

However, you read what the realists over at ZeroHedge had to say about said report – and you’ll quickly see another side to the story.

If you want an idea of what the real world is seeing and thinking – check out the comments in that ZeroHedge article – and you’ll read sentiments that would never make your evening cable news broadcast:

  • (re: 10.7 months of supply)“Just because the properties don’t have “for sale” signs in front doesn’t mean they aren’t on the market. I know for a fact that you can purchase one in the NY minute by contacting the bank. But they aren’t counted as “supply” because they aren’t officially “for sale”.”
  • (re: “the stats”)“10.7 months assuming BEST CASE scenario like 2006 real estate bubble mania days? The ‘10.7 month supply’ means nothing at all, no context! A 10.7 month supply of homes today could be 10 homes!!”
  • (re: what the “media” reports)“CNBC posted an article earlier today that said, basically, that as soon as the housing market hits the real bottom, then it will start rising again. I wish I could get paid to write stuff like that ….I’d be so rich!!!!”
  • (re: dealing with it all)“When all of these people wake up, turn their back on the system and tell their children not to participate in the scam of debt slavery then a real change will happen.”

Does anyone else understand how potentially grave our financial situation is? Or are they too busy entertaining themselves?

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Prices have to keep pace with salaries. Anyone who tells you different is full of shit.

The market will never be like it was just a few years ago. Money is too hard to get these days, and that is what was driving prices up so fast.


Seems to me that when it comes to real estate people will believe what they want to believe and are highly susceptible to confirmation bias. And for a transaction that might be the biggest in their lives, it is highly charged with emotion – and all too often status seeking.

Witness the tards who troll Kannekt. They will be quick to assert that buying any place under any circumstances is the noble path to wealth and status, while renting means you are poor and benighted – except if you are renting THEIR place that is.

I just walk around and see “for sale” signs outside newer buildings meaning these people held for a very short time. I can’t see how they were at all better off by not renting.


Most people aren’t prepared to deal with bad news, and would rather pretend it doesn’t exist. The few that are, will be ready when shit goes down hill.