HFA Fall Swap Meet: Sunday, November 14th


A great meetup for parents to help other parents this weekend!

2010 Hoboken Family Alliance Fall Swap Meet this Sunday

For baby/children’s clothes and maternity clothes only!

When: Sunday, November 14, 2010
Time: 9:00-11:00 (accepting Drop off items*); 12:00-2:00 Swap Meet Sales
Location: Hoboken Elks – 1005 Washington Street
Cost: Free for HFA members; $5 for non-members (to cover costs; remainder will go to charity)


In order to make the swap run more efficiently, we request that you PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS DURING THE DROP OFF PERIOD (between 9:00 am-11:00 pm). The swap will be closed during 11:00-12:00 to organize the items we have received.

You will be issued a credit that you will be able to use during the sale from 12:00-2:00. Also, during this drop off period you can “check in” and have your hand stamped, so there will be no waiting in line when the swap opens.

We will now be accepting clothing for children of ALL ages- 3 months to size 16.

Kindly do not drop any items off DURING the sale. Straight donations during this time will be accepted, but are preferred to be dropped off earlier.

How does this swap meet work?

Bring your items to the swap meet and get a credit for each thing you bring. For example, you receive one credit for one item of clothing or multiple credits for larger items such as bouncy seats. You can exchange these credits for clothing, shoes, coats, and toys. Larger baby gear items are for cash purchase only.

If you don’t have any items for exchange or would like to take home more items than you brought, you may purchase items for cash (example: $1 per clothing item, $2 maternity clothes, $2 shoes, $1-$10 toys, $10-$20 larger baby gear) Or, you can just donate your items. Any items you bring, in excess of your purchases, will be considered donations and will go to In Jesus Name, Hudson Cradle and other local organizations in need.

Find out what (and what NOT) to bring – after the jump!

What to Bring?

  • All baby, toddler, and children’s clothes, shoes, and coats. (items in condition from gently used condition to new, unstained, with all pieces included) *
  • Baby, toddler & children’s Halloween costumes
  • Baby gear (strollers, bouncy seats, diaper bags, etc. – please be sure to bring all pieces for these items). Diaper Genies , Potty Seats, underwear and Car Seats will not be accepted.
  • Toys and children’s books (only complete items with all small parts in a plastic bag taped to toy if applicable, and books with all pages in readable condition only, please)
  • Maternity clothes & nursing tops
  • All formula, diapers, medicines, food and other baby essentials will be donated Hudson Cradle.


  1. Please sort and label your clothing donation (i.e. “newborn boy/girl,” “3-6 months boy/girl,” etc. It will save us valuable time in getting the clothing organized for the swap meet. Thank you!
  2. Anything you find in good enough condition for you to use it in your home. If you do not find it acceptable, neither will anyone else!

What NOT to Bring?

  • Furniture
  • Stuffed animals
  • No adult clothing (aside from maternity clothing)
  • Items without all their parts


Donations will be given to Hudson Cradle and IJN for mothers and children in great need.

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