Hang on to Autumn Color!


Maxwell Place does it right!

Regardless of your feelings about the over-developed Hoboken waterfront and “what could have been,” one thing for sure is – that Toll Brothers doesn’t skimp when it comes to beautifying their properties (from the outside at least).

So before the frost destroys these gorgeous Mums around the Maxwell Place property uptown – I figured I’d share a few snapshots I took recently.

I just wonder if the over 1,000 plants were part of the condo fees?

Is the economy that bad?

This story was originally going to be published without this added portion – but I noticed that two plants were curiously missing the other day… it appears that some tactful individual wanted a couple plants for their property, and skillfully uprooted two mums on the northeast side of 11th and Hudson.

PS – if you have images collecting dust on your camera or hard drive – send them in for eventual inclusion on Hoboken411! Please state how you’d like to be credited in your email, and a description – if desired!!

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