Cal’s Christmas Trees

Cal’s Christmas Trees is back for the 2013 Holidays in Hoboken!

Call Cal at (201)394-8467 if you have any questions. You can start picking up wreaths and grave blankets now – with fresh trees rolling in on Thanksgiving Day.

Full steam ahead starting Friday, November 29th!

Pretty much now until the end of the year – the holidays will be front and center. And this year, Cal’s Christmas Trees in Hoboken will be ready with close to 400 fresh trees from Canada on Thanksgiving day!

Besides grave blankets, wreaths and other festive decorations which are already starting to fill in – Balsam and Fraser Fir’s will be in full supply soon.

And for those of you who have extra heavy ornaments to decorate your tree – be sure to ask for the “Double Needle” Balsam Firs – which are heavier duty to support your favorite pieces without sagging the braches.

The trees are expected to arrive sometime in the AM on Thanksgiving, and they’ll be open until 5pm that day. If you’d rather wait until Friday – they’ll be hopping with a full staff to happily accommodate your needs.

Happy Holidays, Hoboken!

Cals Christmas Trees in Hoboken NJ 2012

Description: Trees, blankets, wreaths, stands, lights – delivery too!
Address: Corner of Monroe and Paterson (across from Skyline), Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)394-8467

Don’t have a Christmas Tree yet? What are you waiting for?

Christmas 2011:

If you’re not set up with a Christmas Tree in your apartment yet – you best be ready to do it this weekend!

We picked ours up from Cal’s Christmas Trees a couple weeks ago (an 8 foot fir), and it’s holding up nicely, going strong!

Swing by the corner of Monroe & Paterson (St. Joe’s Church parking lot). Cal and his team would be happy to deliver or mount to your car. Call them at (201)394-8467 if you have any questions.

Let Cal help you with your Christmas Tree needs!

11/19/2011 Update:

Cal is back again at the St. Joe’s parking lot at the corner of Paterson & Monroe Streets for the 2011 Christmas season – Starting out this week with basic grave blankets, some wreaths, bows and other accessories.

Then, in about a week or so, a full array of fresh cut Canadian Balsams & Fraiser Firs will arrive. Delivery will also be provided. Cal has a reputation for excellent customer service as well as premium, long-lasting trees.

Call 201-394-8467 for more information.

Quality Trees available soon in Hoboken


Cal’s Christmas Trees has now opened, and expects a full delivery of premium (not crappy second rate) trees on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)!

Swing by the intersection of Monroe and Paterson (across the street from that once-modern Skyline Building) – and pick up some quality trees this year. Not second rate, and not a foot shorter than other sellers might tell you, Cal’s is one of the premium places to get Christmas trees in Hoboken. Plus, they deliver and set up if you wish!

You can also drive into the lot (just take Newark Street westbound!)


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:02 pm

Cal’s is so much better than that shoddy place on 6th and Willow. I went there a few times, I think it’s called the Tree Barn or something like that, and felt like I was dealing with used car salesmen. Their trees were overpriced and their garland was junk all wired together. Cal’s on the other hand is a great place to go for trees and wreaths.

Angry Bird
Angry Bird
Thursday, December 15, 2011 5:26 pm

The other morning while leaving town I saw one of Cal’s guys (the one near Oscar) hanging the wreaths up and getting things set for another day. These guys work hard and are really nice. Our tree is from here, and after almost two weeks, it is still looking great.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 8:32 am

I like these folks as well. They carried my x-mas tree home and I only live 2 blocks away. Really cool.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 8:41 am

I ran into four of the kids delivering the trees over the weekend. They were teenagers, and talked to them while they carried a tree & I walked my dog. They were very nice and amiable about the product, the costs, the type of tree they had – offering a business card for me to order a tree.

Kudos to Cal for their good employees.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 1:53 pm

Cal’s trees are great always fresh, great service you’ll also love his wreaths and grave blankets!! and don’t forget he’s located in St Joseph’s parking lot.

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