CSI: Hoboken North

After hearing some rumblings for a good part of the day about the HPD awaiting the Coast Guard and some incident by the water, plus other emails from readers indicating helicopters and a big police presence by South Constitution Court, I decided to walk down there and see what was going on.

I managed to snap a few pictures before a gang of New York detectives begun questioning me, asking for ID, etc. They indicated it was an “active investigation” on that Cornucopia boat. They wouldn’t elaborate, naturally. They also said I wasn’t supposed to be there because the area was cordoned off (like it looked any different with all the construction in the area?) I presume the Port Authority and NYPD were there because the entire Hudson River is under New York jurisdiction.

They had the K-9 unit there as well as a some truck on the pier. Not sure if that truck had always been there or not. Couldn’t make out what was written on the side.

What do you think this is? Dead bodies? Drugs? Illegal aliens?


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NYPD have ZERO jurisdiction in New Jersey regardless of the water rule. Once they hit the NJ Shore on solid ground they cannot stop, detain, question, or ask for ID and that is an absolute fact!

PAPD is a different ballgame being they have joint authority in NY/NJ.

In addition to the ZERO jurisdiction in NJ the NJSP and AG’s Office do not want any NYPD Officers operating in NJ without NJSP oversight. It’s not a pissing contest but rather because the NYPD have been attempting to violate and had violated numerous laws in questionable and bogus investigations in NJ over the last several years and have violated many NJ residents civil and constitutional rights.

Not to mention the NYPD cannot prevent you from taking any pics in public especially out of jurisdiction which is why they had to shell out millions in lawsuits brought on by the NYCLU over the last few years!


Any update? This is really bizarre.


[quote comment=”9170″]Heard now something about “the owner of the boat will be ‘sailing'”… wonder what that means…[/quote]

possibly meaning, “go without resistance”.


The heavy truck looks like a unit from the ATLAS unit, under Operation ATLAS implemented to guard NYC and area against terrorist threats post September 11, 2001. An extremely skilled, heavy amory unit. That’s a $5,000,000/week unit. Don’t mess with them.


Terrorist threat maybe?? Saddam washung yesterday!!