Hoboken411 business year in review

h411forlocals3.gifI was trying to come up with some kind of “Year End” article. I finally decided it was too exhausting to try and re-cap the entire year in a single post.

As always, you can see the heavily discussed and obviously popular items on the bottom of the right sidebar “Most commented posts” for those things. Some of the rare fires in town, see the “Recent Fires” link on the left sidebar. To see capsules of the weekly reviews click the “Week in Review” link, also on the left sidebar. Easy enough, right?

Besides the news events, debacles, politics and crime, we had lots of fun in 2006 as well. The five rounds of “Where is this?” photo quiz (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the sarcastic “Motivational Hoboken Posters” users sent in HERE and HERE, the wacky Hoboken Hawk, a satirical Hoboken City Magazine and much more! So much happened this year, I just gave up trying to sum it all up. It would just take too long.

Instead, I figured I’d slap together a quick list of all businesses that either left, or are leaving soon, plus all new businesses, either opened or announced in 2006. Since Hoboken411 went live early April 2006, some items may be missing from this list.

Here’s a rough idea of the stats:

  • 31 businesses either closed (or closing soon), moved, combined operations or “retired.”
  • 58 new businesses were announced or opened in 2006 (10 of which should open in 2007.)

See below for the entire list! Anything that is missing, please let us know! Have a great 2007!

The list.

Opened or announced in 2006

  1. Garden of Eden
  2. NYSC Uptown
  3. Washington Mutual Bank Uptown
  4. Mercy Grill
  5. Sushi House Uptown
  6. MackeyBlue
  7. Swift Morris Home
  8. Heart Beat Style (2007)
  9. Bella Bellies Studio
  10. Napoli’s Pizza (2007)
  11. Lhea Skin Care
  12. Four L’s (2007)
  13. Hobokengreetings.com
  14. Creative Little Monsters
  15. Basement Bar
  16. Carpe Diem
  17. First St. Bar & Grill
  18. Ganache (Hudson Tea)
  19. Joey’s BBQ
  20. Anthology
  21. Turning Point (2007)
  22. Hoboken Dance Academy
  23. Shades of Hoboken
  24. El-Bambi Baby
  25. Suit Up (2007)
  26. Teak
  27. NY Milkshake Company
  28. Solid Threads
  29. Yapple’s
  30. Rubee’s Closet (Moving in 2007)
  31. Park Ave. Grill
  32. Sedona Jewelry
  33. Jessie James
  34. Re.Juice.A.Nation (uptown)
  35. Rita’s Ice
  36. Fetch-It Underground Hoboken (2007)
  37. Secret Chef, LLC
  38. American Apparel (for the second time)
  39. The Cheese Store (2007)
  40. Purple Haze (2007)
  41. Shipyard Cleaners II
  42. Prime Time Convenience
  43. Lady Jane’s (again in 2007)
  44. Beach Bum Tanning
  45. Savvy Nail & Hair Studio (one of the first posts on 411)
  46. Mikie Squared
  47. Zen Touch
  48. Pediatric Center (old Green Man Lounge)
  49. Riverside Pediatrics
  50. HSBC Bank
  51. Bayonne Community Bank (2007)
  52. J&V Hair Salon (2007)
  53. Jubilee NY (2007)
  54. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  55. Chloe Rose
  56. Tiffany Dry Cleaners
  57. Wild Noodles (unsure of exact location)
  58. Classic Realty

Closed, closing soon or relocated in 2006

  1. Echo of Art
  2. Happy Nail
  3. Cleaner
  4. Sleep Cheap
  5. Angela’s Beauty Salon (became HSBC bank)
  6. Da Nal (becomes Heart Beat)
  7. The Jefferson (moving to the old Portofino’s)
  8. Dream Castle Day Care
  9. Mediterranean Grill
  10. Neyra Leather (became El-Bambi Baby)
  11. InTouch Wireless (to become J&V Hair Salon)
  12. Wireless Depot
  13. Ruby Collections (for sale)
  14. Juice Zone (to become Jubilee NY)
  15. Juice Garden
  16. Mayflower Hardware
  17. Atomix Computer (became Sedona Jewelry)
  18. Carpet Hut (changed names to Chloe Rose)
  19. Sports Center (demolished for condos)
  20. Riviera Bakery (turned into Wells Fargo Mortgage)
  21. Crema Lita (became Classic Realtors)
  22. Venue Restaurant
  23. Cafe Baron (became Rita’s Ice)
  24. Hand Mad (replaced by dry cleaner, but may return to Hoboken one day)
  25. Kabloom Flowers (is now Lhea Skincare)
  26. Favia Lite (will be Four L’s bar/restaurant in 2007)
  27. Cosmo Bakery (is now Joey’s BBQ)
  28. J&J Cleaners (is now Anthology)
  29. Once in a Blue Moon (sells t-shirts now as Solid Threads)
  30. Mr. Wraps (moved in with Park Ave. Grill)
  31. Rosario’s Dry Cleaners (replaced by Tiffany Dry Cleaners)

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Happy New Year Hoboken411. Keep up the good work.


Keep up the good work!
I am one of the rare few in Hobotown that actually cares what goes on here.
I have found this website indespensible for info on the happenings, and inportant events of the city.
and also, it can be quite amusing….
cheers, hoboken 411, hope to meet you someday. :mrgreen: 😀 🙂 :mrgreen:


Ditto, many thanks for being such a great resource of local information.

Happy New Year


Congratulations on a good year and thank you for providing this big resource to a little town.

Have you ever considered adding a new feature (or thread) for the new year? Like…

Predictions For 2007!