Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot “Doomed” Closing Sale in Hoboken

A little more than three years after opening – Office Depot in Hoboken is closing. Office Depot / Office Max is expected to close hundreds more stores by 2016. Seems that people don’t need pens, pencils or paper anymore – and all the other stuff they sell can be had cheaper via places like Amazon.

Guess the Cake Boss ribbon-cutting was for naught.

Office Depot Doomed in Hoboken NJ - Office Depot Doomed

Office Depot not for rent in Hoboken

8/12/2013 Update:

Correction: Office Depot is not for rent, and is in fact doing quite well according to the property managers. The photo in the Craigslist ad may have led one to believe it may have been the property for rent, but after further inspection – Office Depot is mentioned as one of the nearby retail tenants. Sorry for the confusion.

In our opinion, the ad could have more accurately depicted the actual space for rent, including the vacant interior.

Office Depot Hoboken – For rent? Doomed?

8/9/2013 Update:

Well, according to this listing on Craigslist – Office Depot appears to be doomed in Hoboken. I’m definitely not surprised. Wonder what will come next?

Cake Boss hauls 500 pound cake to Hoboken Office Depot Party

1/21/2012 Update:

As promised, Cake Boss was on hand at the new Office Depot “ribbon cutting” ceremony this morning.

Office Depot Grand Opening in Hoboken with Cake Boss Buddy Valastro

Frankly, neither office supplies nor reality TV shows are of much interest to this author. But what happens when you mix these two “exciting” aspects of life?

Much of the same…

However, Cake Boss fans will probably go berserk seeing Buddy Valastro on Saturday, January 21st over at the new Office Depot grand opening festivities… Better get their early – Buddy tires out quickly!

Office Depot Cake Boss Grand Opening Hoboken NJ January 21 2012 - Office Depot Doomed

“Office Depot is celebrating the grand opening of its new store in Hoboken with Buddy Valastro, celebrity baker and owner of the famed Carlo’s Bakery. Customers can meet Buddy, receive an autograph (first 100 attendees) and enjoy a slice of a larger-than-life Office Depot-themed cake.

No grand opening in Hoboken would be complete without the obligatory ribbon-cutting ceremony with Office Depot executives. Also, the Make-a-Wish Foundation (New Jersey Chapter) will be recognized with a $1,000 donation from the Office Depot Foundation.The Office Depot store in Hoboken is the first store in the Northeast to debut a new ultra-convenient format, which is being rolled out in select markets across the country.”

WHERE: Office Depot retail store – 59 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey
WHEN: Saturday, January 21 from 10am – 1pm (Ribbon at 10, cake & autographs 11:30 to 1pm)

Would an Office Depot work in Hoboken?

9/1/2011 Update:

Ever since Barnes & Noble at 59 Washington St. closed back in 2010 – everyone was wondering who they’d want next tenant to be. From Staples, to Carlo’s Bakery, and even the most desired business: Trader Joe’s.

Well – now we’re talking about an Office Depot taking this spot late this year or early 2012.

Most people I know buy their electronics online, and the “need” for basic office supplies in Hoboken doesn’t seem like it’d be so strong that a business like this could survive with the rent I suspect they’ll be paying.

Can Office Depot thrive in Hoboken selling reams of paper? Or will they fill a convenient niche for people who quickly need the items they sell?

Office Depot Hoboken NJ coming to old barnes and noble location - Office Depot Doomed

Latest Barnes & Noble rumor in Hoboken: Trader Joe’s

7/25/2011 Update:

Barnes & Noble has been closed for over 15 months now – and Hobokenites are eagerly waiting for the next tenant to occupy the large downtown space at 59 Washington Street.

We’ve heard many rumors, from Cake Boss – to Staples and many others (including Trader Joe’s).

I’ve received a few messages over the weekend, and it seems like Trader Joe’s is the current “hot rumor” of the moment (from sources “in the know.”) However, the Hoboken spot is not on their list of locations “coming soon…”

Would Trader Joe’s put a hurtin’ on Garden of Eden?

Trader Joes rumor Hoboken NJ barnes and Noble - Office Depot Doomed

So what really is coming next? Carlos Bakery?

5/26/2010 Update:

Many rumors have been circulating around what’s coming next to the old Barnes & Noble location in downtown Hoboken (Staples, etc.)

The latest one I caught wind of was that Carlos Bakery (and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro) may be taking part of this building (supposedly beating out a White Castle and Wendy’s on the bidding). Not sure if that’s true – nor am I sure exactly if the building is being partitioned or not.

Is the Cake Boss such a phenomenon that it’d make sense to leave his existing location and expand? Is it going to be a TV series for the next 10 years? What happens when the show gets canceled?

What’s the latest you guys have heard?

Rumors that Cake Boss Carlos Bakery is moving to old Barnes and Noble location in Hoboken NJ - Office Depot Doomed

No, please don’t let this happen!

3/11/2010 Update:

Word on the street is that the next “big box” store to fill the space at the Barnes & Noble will be….


With one just walking distance away in Jersey City, NJ – would you approve or disapprove of this? What would you rather see?

[poll id=”103″]

Staples at the old Barnes and Noble in Hoboken NJ approve or disapprove - Office Depot Doomed


1/25/2010 Update:

Yep. Barnes and Noble is closing on March 31, 2010. Thanks for coming in, destroying the smaller local bookstores, then leaving us high and dry! See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

The staff was told a couple weeks ago, and now the clearance signs are going up. Currently at 30 percent off much of the store, but that discount will probably grow as we get closer to the day the doors are closed. No word on who will take the space.

Sad news for Hoboken, but staff has been told they can move to other stores…

Barnes and noble closing in Hoboken NJ on March 31 2010 - Office Depot Doomed

Is it true? Barnes & Noble closing?


I haven’t been able to verify this – but I received an email from a reader that said: “Looks like Barnes & Noble is closing… this is really bad news for a town of our size to lose a great book store!”

It was in the spam folder, so who the heck knows. Anyone know for sure?

barnes and noble doomed in Hoboken NJ - Office Depot Doomed

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Thursday, August 15, 2013 1:07 pm

… Think Barnes & Noble had more business then Office Depot…!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 10:54 am

I dont know how accurate that property manager was. Every time i go by there, there is never anybody there. And I just heard they laid off some people.

Friday, August 9, 2013 4:04 pm

Knock the entire building down and build a huge multi-story parking garage complete with pump and green roof.

Reply to  jonsie
Friday, August 9, 2013 4:39 pm

Good idea, jonsie.[quote comment=”221362″]Knock the entire building down and build a huge multi-story parking garage complete with pump and green roof.[/quote]

Friday, August 9, 2013 3:50 pm

I’m pretty sure the space for rent is the one next to Office Depot. The ad does list them as one of the anchor tenants and there is empty space in that building.

Monday, January 30, 2012 11:04 pm

I will continue to support local businesses like Cartridge World whenever I can, and save money while am at it. It’s nice to know that Office Depot is there for the stuff you can’t find anywhere else in Hoboken but you can’t beat Cartridge World when it comes to prices on cartridges and paper… and they have a friendly staff.

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