Saturday Surfing: 10/30/2010


Saturday Web Surfing Hoboken NJ October 30 2010 - Saturday Surfing: 10/30/2010

Some tidbits around the world Hoboken411 has been following…

Sobering unemployment report

Maybe we’re lucky in this area – but unemployment is getting really bad – and the (very large) group of citizens who’ve exhausted their unemployment benefits are now being called the “99’ers.”

Keep in mind though, that the 99’ers are now being sought after by political groups to be used as rallying pawns for their objectives.. so beware of what you hear. 60 Minutes ran this report last week:

Christie set to can 1500 state workers

NJ Governor Chris Christie expects to lay off 1500 state workers in 2011.

While I don’t have a problem with this concept – provided they can justify the layoffs. However, what Christie needs to focus on is bringing jobs back to the private sector and small business. That means lowering property taxes, cutting some departments entirely (or getting rid of tolls), and putting money BACK into the pockets of NJ citizens and businesses.

Only idiots and shills love big government.

Christie to lay off 1500 New Jersey workers in 2011 - Saturday Surfing: 10/30/2010

Gas prices up 40% since Obama took office

How many of you Obama lovers are still on the bandwagon? Folks who were coaxed into believing a marketing scam for this useless President we have? How long will you continue believing?

Anyway – here’s a report that indicates that gas-prices have increased 40% since the day Obama took office. Good work, Prez!

gas pumps - Saturday Surfing: 10/30/2010

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Saturday, October 30, 2010 11:04 am

Re: gas prices & Obama – Post hoc ergo propter hoc? I’m no Obamabot but I’m not sure that he or his administration (or any administration) has much control over gas prices. Certainly no direct control. We should be grateful.

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