Halloween Sights: Spooky, Scary & Gross!


[Finishing up the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Halloween Sights 2010” series for the year…]

Doggies can get spooked!

Since our loving four-legged friends aren’t quite as sophisticated as us humans – they often get spooked by things we’d know were fake from a mile away (like that cat that drove Oscar bananas).

In the final Hoboken Halloween Decorations photo gallery of 2010 – we have:

  • A creepy mask that somehow didn’t spook the Hoboken411 Mascot…
  • An ominous ghost / skeleton that rattled his nerves a bit…
  • The ghost bubble at Mario’s Pizza was a good dog-deterrent…
  • Oh, and Oscar didn’t see this package of brains at Fran’s Italian Delicatessen, but it made me kinda queasy…

Enjoy your (Halloween) weekend – whatever you choose to do!

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I got the huge bag of IAMS dog food at Costco and had it on the counter. My dog was not sure what the big green mass was so he he growled at it for hours.

On a related note, I find it funny he barks at dogs he sees outside but not people, but when outside, he loves other dogs, but postures for humans.