Sharing a new feature

Hoboken411 is proud to announce a new upgrade to the site.

sharethislogo.gifIf you look at the bottom of the post, you’ll see a line called “Share This”

Clicking this link will open up a quick-link window that will give you two choices.

You can either select the article for posting on many social web-sites (such as, Digg, Yahoo, Google and more), as well as EMAILING the article to a friend. A great way to spread the word about Hoboken411 articles that you think may be of interest to people that may not yet be readers!

Check it out today, and let me know how you like it!

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What’s the privacy policy on email addresses used in the share it feature?


I wasn’t born in Hoboken, and in fact, haven’t lived here very long. But I love this town. There are, however,a few issues of concern: why are the streets in such really terrible condition? Is there no program of resurfacing? What’s with all the hornblowing? Drivers in this town must rank among the world’s most impatient.If someone is trying to back into a tight parking space, why can’t other drivers be a little courteous? This is a city. Traffic is supposed to be slow-moving. And, finally, did I really see in the paper the other day that the per-pupil cost in Hoboken schools is more than $22,000? That’s a bit high, to put it mildly. RYBice