Drunk hit and run

I just love the way driving in a straight line has become a little difficult for some people in Hoboken. I know the potholes and bumps are getting worse by the week, but bad enough to hit cars in the middle of the block?

From a reader this morning:

“A car driving on 10th, between Park and Willow (right underneath my window), railroaded two parked cars. It pushed one of the cars, a dark subaru station wagon, onto the sidewalk. He had to be drunk because they weren’t cars on the corner, they were in the middle of the block and it was loud enough to make me jump out of bed. And then, of course, he tries to leave the scene. I can’t imagine he got very far dragging his muffler and driving on one of the front rims which was leaving a chalk-like trail on the pavement. Cops arrived a couple minutes later and went into pursuit. Woke me up at 6:45am on my day off too that SOB.”

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Friday, December 29, 2006 12:51 pm

Since these silly people cannot master straight line driving, perhaps the city should redraw the streets to be more “swervy” with random turns.

I would even take some of these hit and run drivers out to a parking lot, put them in a car, and anchor active spray cans at the rear wheel to scientifically record a mean swerve pattern to use as a master layout for all cities.

This just might make a difference.

Friday, December 29, 2006 11:16 am

I was getting in my car at on Willow and heard a loud screech and BAM about a block away, followed by a car alarm going off. Thought, to myself…”That can’t be good” as I proceeded to sip my coffee in and get in the car. I let it warm up for a minute and proceed down Willow, as I’m approaching the intersection of 10th and Willow, I see this car turning from 10th onto Willow with no front tire and smashed in quarter panel trying to drive away to no avail as the rim is throwing sparks 10ft in the air. The driver was a woman by the way. She proceeded to floor the engine which just caused the rim to melt away and barely move, she ended up hitting 2 more parked vehicles as the car came to a stop a little further up. As I drove by, I saw her getting out, her hair was all wet, she looked wacked. 2 Blocks up on willow I see a police car put his lights on backup and make for the scene. Apparently he got the call. I don’t know what’s worse, that she was apparently drunk, smacked a few cars and tried to get away….or that I lived in Hoboken so long that I’m numb to such occurrences.

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