Crazy man with baseball bat

A caller tonight indicated there was a nutty man (wearing red shirt, baseball hat and jeans and riding a bicycle) that was hitting car windows with a baseball bat. What did those cars ever do to him? What about the people that own them? Does he know them? Is he mad?

Police in the area indicated they didn’t observe any vehicles with damage, but was still under investigation. They finally discovered a car (lic. plate NDD-41T – 1998 Toyota Camry 4dr Black – Kenilworth, NJ) with “scuff marks” on the window. They also found a bat in a garbage can nearby. This loser of a criminal didn’t even have enough strength to smash a window with a bat! What a sissy!

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8:20pm tonight saw 2 HPD cars with a bicyclist “pulled over” outside of Benny T’s — baseball hat, red backpack, jeans. pretty sure they were questioning him.