Cingular ad shot in Hoboken

cingularad.gifI saw this commercial tonight, and wasn’t paying enough attention enough to notice that it was filmed in Hoboken. If you happen to catch it, see if you can pick up on it.

Here’s what a reader wrote in:

“I saw something being filmed in the construction lot at 15th and Park Ave by the new garage next to Park on Park on October 7th. I just noticed that it was on TV. It’s the Cingular spot about “dropped call etiquette” where there’s a boss in an office and the the job supervisor on the phone says “I need you to authorize some overtime” and then the boss goes to respond and hears no sound. The next shot they show a supervisor in the construction site standing there waiting for to hear the other guy talk but there’s only silence. Then he says “Dropped call etiquette.” wait 4 seconds, then repeat, etc, etc, “switch to Cingular.. Fewest Dropped Calls.”

Joy, Hoboken sure is cool. We can all sign autographs now since we live here.

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