Autumn and Halloween at MackeyBlue


MackeyBlue continual inventory

Recently, Hoboken411 spotted Karen Marsh from MackeyBlue curiously setting up some kind of mock window display across the street from her shop at 12th and Washington Streets… When asked why she does that – she said “We set up the display outside so we can get better quality photos for our website, Every time we do a new window display for MackeyBlue, we put the image on the homepage of our site. This way when you go to, it’s like you’re looking into the store and visiting from your sofa. Also, we can take close up photos of the new merchandise for sale to put on the website too.”

Besides the awesome concrete owl she just sold – she’s digging the mauve medicine cabinets, and farm tables she’s currently got in inventory. The key at MackeyBlue is – that stock constantly evolves – so you need to act quick if you’re looking for a particular piece to your collection! They’re open till 7pm tonight and 5pm on Sunday – so swing by and check it all out!

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