Halloween Sights: Webby Strings


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Halloween Sights 2010” series…]

Webs are spooky; kids love them!

Though many Halloween scenes around Hoboken incorporate webs, these are just a few that stood out along recent walks. One thing I noticed, which I thought was nice, is that lot of little kids are helping to hang these stringy decorations (not necessarily at these Jackson Pollack-looking displays in my shots, but more generally all over town).

Unfortunately for the kids, though, the apparent lack of either: (1) space to decorate, or (2) webby-string, seemed to lead to a few sibling rivalry battles that I witnessed while passing by. Everyone wanted to be in charge of stringing this fun stuff – but there simply wasn’t enough to go around, which led to some temper-tantrums. Seems like a good time and I almost wish I had some of my own (just the webby-string for now – nothing against the children, though)!

[Stay tuned for the next Hoboken Halloween Sight! – Note: Submit your entry by emailing Hoboken411 along with a brief paragraph a couple photos, and how you’d like to be credited… ]

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Yeah, a lot of webby string has been hung this year. A lot. And lights. Twelfth/Garden street resembles Disneyworld. It is lit up a bright orange, but also pink, green, purple…

Is there some kinda secret competition going on, with prizes to be awarded for best Halloween decorations?

My favorite part is seeing the webby string still up at Christmas.

The other day, I saw a stake with the head of an Easter bunny wedged into a plant on a stoop. Made me happy. 😀