New Year’s Resolutions

nobooze.gif1/30/2007 Update:

I’m sure you’re as sick of seeing that dopey “no drinks” graphic as I am. Well, this is the last time. Maybe.

What I thought was going to be a major task, turned out a lot easier than I imagined. Only the first week was difficult. Many alcohol-serving venues have since crossed my path, and my urge or need to consume has been virtually non-existent. Many of my friends are counting down the days for me, like I should be excited. I actually don’t care too much. Should I have a “half-time drinking show” and pretend I just walked off the surface of the sun straight into the Corona factory? Another thing is that a few of my buddies also had a “booze pool” to see how long I’d make it. I guess they all lost.

Regardless, I bought that book I was mentioning on here: Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less. I just received it yesterday, and got through the first chapter, which dealt with alcohol, too. It was rather interesting, but didn’t experience the same “peer pressure” as she did. Though her observations regarding constant “drinking events” along with how her friends changed while out were pretty much spot on. I wondered why she felt the need to “make up excuses” for her decision not to drink with everyone else. I suppose social pressure differs amongst people.

Finally, Andrea from Good Kleen Fun sent me this note about a night she went buzz-free:
“Last night I went to Madison and drank cranberry & club soda (b/c I’m on antibiotics) and thoroughly enjoyed watching others slur, dance and hit on each other. This was better than last week’s American Idol in Seattle. I also enjoyed waking up hangover-free, fully hydrated and not wondering what I spent $80 bucks on. Oh the nights I’ve wasted….”

nobooze.gif1/22/2007 Update:

Going stronger than ever after successful week #3 of the no alcohol resolution.

I’ve noticed some significant changes regarding how I view drinking. I no longer feel “tempted” or have any anxious feelings. This past week, compared to the first week was dramatically easier. I’ve been to many bars for whatever reason, and wasn’t pre-occupied with the thought of consuming alcohol.

Not having a hangover has been a welcome feeling as well. Although some of the negative effects are that my sleep hours have gotten worse. I feel more “up” and have been getting to bed later and later. The weight now seems to be slightly getting better. About 3-4 lbs less than last week. Could just be normal fluctuation.

Two more weeks till the Super Bowl. At first, I imagined I might become stupefied and go overboard on that day, but now I’m considering just taking it easy. We’ll see how long that lasts.

In case you missed last weeks update, check out the interesting book by Hoboken author Mary Carlomagno: Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less.

More next week!

nobooze.gif1/15/2007 Update:

For those that are still interested, Week #2 of the 411 resolution has been completed successfully!

It was pretty easy overall, but I had some real tests this past week. Was at Green Rock on Tuesday for almost 5 hours playing darts. It wasn’t too hard, but I was just fidgety and started making sculptures out of whatever objects were in front of me. I did, however, win the match on the last dart! Friday was a bit tough as some friends came over and brought beer. Luckily it was beer I didn’t care for. That’s about it!

Haven’t noticed any real physical difference as of yet, other than just feeling better. No significant weight change since the Juice-fast. Maybe it’s a big myth that alcohol causes weight-gain? We’ll see if anything happens in the next week.

A reader had mentioned to me that a Hoboken resident had written a book with a similar concept. Mary Carlomagno, who runs Order, a company that specializes in clutter control, urban apartment solutions, office spaces and shopping addictions is also the author of Give It Up!: My Year of Learning to Live Better with Lessir?t=hoboken411com 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0060789808 - New Year's Resolutions

It’s sort of along the same lines as Morgan Spurlock’s 30-day series. Very interesting.


Would it be possible to live without the designer coffee, the Kate Spade bags, the technology that were a part of my everyday existence? Could stripping away some of those items and habits make me appreciate what I have? I created a plan. Each month for one year, I would choose one of my favorite things and give it up, cold turkey, for one month. This would become my year to live better with less.

Like most people, Mary Carlomagno was stressed out, overscheduled, and tripping over the clutter of her days — until she decided to take control and simplify her life. Each month she renounced one thing: alcohol, shopping, elevators, newspapers, cell phones, dining out, television, taxis, coffee, cursing, chocolate, and multitasking. During the course of the year, Mary took stock of her life, discovered what was really important, and gained a deeper appreciation for the world around her.

Give It Up! chronicles Mary’s life-changing experiences and provides a commonsense blueprint for anyone looking for a fresh start and a new outlook. It’s about simplifying your life, cherishing every moment of it, and celebrating what is truly important.

nobooze.gifI’m happy to announce that week 1 of Hoboken411’s New Year’s resolution has gone by without failure.

The goal is to try and manage 33 days without alcohol in the booze-centric city well all love.

Week 1:
New Years day started out a bit better than previous years. Didn’t “party” as hard the night before since I wanted to update 411 with pictures of the Bloomfield Street fireworks. Tuesday is a normal drinking night due to the Hoboken dart league, but was off for the holidays. In addition, the stressful server issues compounded the desire to have a beer. But I also started the Yapple’s Juice Fast, which made it easier to stay motivated. More of the same on Wednesday.

Thursday was a little tough, because I had to decline dinner plans at a bar/restaurant. I didn’t want to be exposed to temptation. Friday was even harder, as that’s almost a given to gather socially and drink. The previous detox I did this week made me hungry and I still got some late-night pizza. However, I noticed that I got full faster. Perhaps because my stomach shrank? Or was it because I wasn’t numb from the alcohol?

Saturday and Sunday were much easier, as I was able to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather as well as avoid the temptation altogether.

I feel getting through this week was a good first step. Also noticed a handful of readers chose the “not drink for a month” option on the poll to the left. How is it going for you guys? I’ve spoken with several people, and even light social drinkers said they might have an issue with going that length without a glass of wine or so. What about the other resolutions that were listed?

Week 2 update next Monday.

nobooze.gifAh, this is a popular subject each year around this time. Trying to right some wrongs from the previous year. Change for the better. To use this new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. Turning over a new leaf.

I for one, only made one resolution each year: To not make a resolution. An oxymoron, yes, but I liked keeping it simple. And I succeeded each year!

Well this year, it’s a different story. For the first time, I have a distinct goal. It’s not outlandish, but something I may have some difficulty in accomplishing. To not have an alcoholic beverage until Super Bowl Sunday (New Year’s “day” not included.) About 33 or 34 consecutive days. I suppose it’s my version of Lent.

Since I’ve become a regular drinker, I cannot recall a single instance where I went that length of time without a beer or glass of wine. Even when I was near-death, I think I only went about 24 days.

Of course I have another goal in 2007. To erase some of the bad effects of the poor food choices I made while doing the Hoboken restaurant reviews (by joining the uptown NYSC and making better eating decisions, etc.) But I’m not using any kind of rigid promise to myself.

The Monday after the Super Bowl, a report will be published about how this resolution went, and any troubles I may have ran into. Wish me luck! Are you making any resolutions? If so, vote in the poll to the left!

I just hope I don’t go mad during this time. I’ll feel like these guys back during prohibition!

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Didn’t you hear? Someone slipped -all- of Mayor Roberts and his team a ‘mickey’ right before that meeting! I hear they were all a Whiskey Bar?


Hey maybe Councilman Campo can get some tips from 411 about how to stop drinking. I swore he was wasted at the last meeting when he voted for the Hospital.


wow that’s kinda freaky, i actually hooked up with someone named gino on new years eve 😯


O yeah. :} Ouch. My Dad called. Want’s to know if we can make it back to Morristown. It’s his turn this w/e. He said he got coupons fer the GAP? What am I, like 9? Mom’s boyfriend showed me his shower. Hot! Dad never even met Gino. I couldn’t sleep, but Gino said if I didn’t sit on it, it wouldn’t hurt.