What’d you eat on Christmas?

Since my family originates from Northern Europe, we traditionally celebrate Christmas Day on Christmas Eve. I’ve never formally asked why, but I presume it’s because of the time differential. So on Sunday night we enjoyed a nice home-made lasagna and did the usual gift-exchange.

There was still some more celebrating to do yesterday, and a few of us got together to hang-out, watch some football, and do some more present-swapping. However, our stomachs began to grumble simultaneously, and the question came up, what should we eat?

Seeing that the town was essentially deserted, and nothing much was open besides Chinese places, the decision making process began. The majority of us were craving a pizza (goes better with football). We tried many places in Hoboken hoping one would be open, including Domino’s. But as expected, no luck. It seemed bleak, and we began searching for some menus. In the process, we found a menu for “Fontanini Pizza” in Jersey City (up on Kennedy Blvd.) “Should we try this place?”, we thought. Gave them a ring, and lo behold they were open! Feeling daring, we ordered a couple pies and some buffalo wings.

They came within 45 minutes, and the pizza was still warm enough. To put it simply, the pizza definitely wasn’t bad (better than a Domino’s), toppings were rather light, but still qualified as pizza.. sort of the same league as Grande Pizza or Molfetta, a smidge better. But the wings were not hot, and had more of a sweet taste initially, then were determined to be quite nasty actually. Seemed like a bunch of Egyptians that ran the place (which explains why they were probably open, due to the ethnic diversity of JC).


See a few more pics below as well as a menu PDF file. You can also find this article linked in the pizza section for use next year. This place is only recommended on Christmas Day! A great alternative to Chinese!

What do you normally eat on Christmas? Do you know if there were any Hoboken Pizza places open?


Click HERE for the MENU.


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I think sometimes people write off wings instantly that don’t taste exactly like the buffalo wings they were expecting, which is unfortunate, because sometimes you need something a little new. If the wings above are a sweet chili paste taste, which is how they look, I think they look fabulous.


Giovannis has good wings if you like the breaded variety, they are then soaked in a vinegar heavy sauce, not the best or most authentic, but very tasty and well better than the average over fried crap with oily sauce you get at Liberty, etc. Some people swear by Black Bear, but in my experience they over-fry and often double fry during busy hours to re-heat old wings. To be honest I think the wings in the photo above look interesting. Think I will give those a shot.


[quote comment=”8911″]Hoboken is in desperate need of a quality wing joint that delivers.[/quote]

I fully agree. What’s the consensus on the best, or well, the least bad wings in town? And I want delivery too.


Hoboken is in desperate need of a quality wing joint that delivers.

kooky kat

I was there to enjoy this pizza and wing feast. 411 is correct, the wings were edible, but not great. I thought the pizza was really good, but as we’ve established, I am from the midwest – so I don’t really know my pizza well enough to be a proper judge.

I will not be revisiting this again tonight though, once was enough and it’s time to get a jump start on that new years resolution! :mrgreen: If you are in a pinch, it was fast and decent. Nobody was in the mood for the Chinese.