Halloween Sights: Cool Pumpkin Carvings


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Halloween Sights 2010” series…]

Creative Hoboken Pumpkin Artists

I always like to check out carved pumpkins around town in the weeks before Halloween. Some people really go all out!

A personal favorite is the “vomiting pumpkin,” which is always in good company in Hoboken (in more ways than one). Others that look neat are those carved with those intricate patterns (available all over the internet). Though I’ve carved my share of pumpkins, I haven’t gone this far when it comes to detail. Usually I just grab a scooper and a knife and wing it.

Regardless, these pumpkins look great and I hope vandals & thieves lay off so we can all take a walk and enjoy them!

[Stay tuned for the next Hoboken Halloween Sight! – Note: Submit your entry by emailing Hoboken411 along with a brief paragraph a couple photos, and how you’d like to be credited… ]

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Puking over the tax bill! 😆