All Saints 25th Anniversary


All Saints School Announced 25th Anniversary

Hoboken’s Premier Day School Celebrates Twenty-Five Years

All Saints Hoboken NJ celebrates 25th anniversary - All Saints 25th AnniversaryTwenty-five years is a worthy milestone, no doubt, but for All Saints Episcopal Day School the true cause for celebration is its continued growing value to the children it educates and the communities it serves. Acknowledging that and striving to do more, this independent school at the heart of Hoboken will marked its silver anniversary on All Saints Day, November 1, by embarking on “25 Acts of Service” and dedicating two significant additions to the main campus.

From the Early Childhood program to the Elementary classes to the new Middle School — a recent addition to All Saints that will see its first eighth-grade class graduate in 2012 — All Saints students and staff will take on a wide range of projects to help those in need, in the immediate neighborhood and across the globe.

This outward focus on All Saints Day is consistent with a key aspect of the school’s mission, to nurture in children a sense of responsibility for this planet and gratitude for its beauty. At the same time, the school will cheer two accomplishments of its own, dedicating the Desmond Tutu Library as well as the Rachel Carson Science Lab.

“We’re blessed that at a time of economic difficulty, we’ve been able to move forward to enrich the educational experience of our students,” said Jill Singleton, the All Saints Head of School. “Thanks to the generosity and hard work of our parents and staff over the past several years, we’re able to mark our 25th anniversary with the installation of a new library, science lab and art room for our students.”

All Saints Hoboken NJ 25th anniversary - All Saints 25th Anniversary

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These dedications are representative of both the steady growth All Saints has undergone since its founding in 1985 — it opened with just 16 preschool children, and now boasts an enrollment of 176 — and its dramatic transformation in recent years. Most significantly, the school added the fifth-grade through eighth-grade Middle School in 2009, serving students at a pivotal point in their lives with programs designed to reach and teach the whole child: academic, artistic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.

With the advent of the Middle School at its main campus at 707 Washington Street, All Saints also opened a new campus at 527 Clinton Street that now houses the school’s Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten programs. The building includes four classrooms, as well as a large open multi-purpose space used for indoor play, dance, and physical education classes, gatherings and performances.

Singleton points to a host of other advances the school has made in recent years, including increased teacher salaries that have improved and stabilized the staff, accreditation through the New Jersey Association of Independent School and a tripling in financial aid awards.

“But what I’m most proud of,” said Singleton, who is a member of the New Jersey Association of Independent School’s Board of Trustees, “is the community that we have created here — from administration to faculty to students, we all work together to ‘walk the walk’ of our mission. This runs through our curriculum design, service learning projects, student government, milestone projects and more. I’m proud to say the values and tenets of the Episcopal Church bolster our community without defining a religious identity.”

All Saints Episcopal Day School, an interdenominational school in Hoboken, New Jersey, has nurtured academic excellence and social responsibility for children through enriched experiences in an urban community since 1985. Founded with 16 preschoolers, All Saints now enrolls more 176 students from Nursery through Eighth Grade. The school’s professional teaching faculty offers a core curriculum of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and health; as well as an array of special subjects, including Spanish, art, music, dance and community service. The Day School is a ministry of All Saints Episcopal Parish, and fosters an environment in which students can embrace their fundamental connection with children from diverse faith backgrounds.

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