DJ Hepcat debuts tomorrow at LUA


Slick new DJ begins at LUA Hoboken this week

For those of you that frequent the Uptown Starbucks – might recognize Jeffrey. However, you may not know the many talents he has! Check him out spinning real vinyl tomorrow night (and every Wednesday) at LUA!

DJ Hepcat Vinyl Eclectica Lua Wednesdays Hoboken NJ

Who is DJ Hepcat? Vinyl Eclectica?

DJ Hepcat is Jeffrey Pennington: actor, designer, friendly neighborhood barista.

Originally a rock musician, his transformation to DJ began in Washington, DC, where he was deeply influenced by the acid jazz scene of the 18th Street Lounge, the reggae scene of northern Maryland, and the urban and international feel of the DC streets. In the late 90s he moved to NYC to study acting at Circle in the Square, and fell deep into the Illbient scene on the LES; Nicodemus’ dubby trip-hop party, Organic Grooves (in the basement of CBGBs); and Body and Soul at Club Vinyl in Tribeca.

His signature style, Eclectica, was honed in the final heady days of the last millenium in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A chance meeting and impromptu performance with the Black Underground led to a stint as guest DJ at the disco/deep house parties on the boardwalk in Coney Island. It was here that he began to understand the style of his cosmic mentor, Larry Levan, late DJ of the Paradise Garage. The style, while anchored in soul, funk, and disco, encompasses all genres and is the perfect reflection of the spiritual unity Hepcat experienced on the dancefloor. He joined DJ Jason Zotos for the Dahkter Sessions on Smith Street in Boerum Hill, hung out at Halcyon, and frequented the underground house parties of Brooklyn as a DJ and a dancer.

Drawing from his background in as a performer of classical music, jazz, and rock’n’roll, Hepcat proceeded to build a massive collection of rare vinyl, spending countless hours trolling the bins at flea markets and second-hand stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, DC, and Philly. His weekly party, Mind the Gap, in the Meat Packing District, took Eclectica one step further, throwing electro, new wave, and 80s pop into the mix.

Vinyl Eclectica at LUA is set to become the complete realization of DJ Hepcat as artist, vinyl connoisseur, and music stylist.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 2:26 pm

I’ve seen this guy a bunch of times and this is great for LUA! A giant expanding sinkhole in front of the place, not so good!

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