Halloween Sights: Garden St. Crime Scene


Seasonal Feature: Hoboken Halloween Sights

A new “seasonal feature” on Hoboken411: Halloween Sights 2010.

Each day prior to Halloween, we’ll feature one or more Halloween-related photos to see what folks in the Mile Square are doing to prepare for the spooky, fun holiday!

Today’s entry:

Garden Street Crime Scene

This Halloween display on Garden Street struck me as a little “out of the norm” (and actually very cool) because if it wasn’t Halloween this would actually really be a scary scene! If you look closely there are sticky bloody hands on the windows to imitate a violent (probably murder) scene. I researched online a little and saw these are available through Spirit Halloween (at the old Barnes & Noble spot) for $4.99.

Also, while researching these hand-prints I found a pretty funny story online. Apparently some Tampa, FL detective had them outside his office and may have “concerned the public” a little bit. Seems like this decoration can look TOO real after Halloween’s come and gone!


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I know this house. It’s a frightening nightmare all year round. The buyers had it completely torn apart and redone so it doesn’t look like any other house on the block or in all of Hoboken. It has opaque windows and this ugly post-modern front that’s a true eyesore. With a turquoise house on one side of it and a dark green one on the other, some of us neighbors call it that row the Three Stooges.


That is so cool! Is it uptown or downtown Garden Street? I live uptown on Garden. Is this the house with the yellow crime scene tape out front? I pass by the house when it’s dark,so I never noticied the hands in the window just the crime scene tape,if it is the same house I’m referring too.