SUV’s skipping scene

Multiple giant gas-guzzling vehicles causing damage today and wanting nothing to do with it!

First, earlier tonight near the Skyline building, a gold honda civic was “T-boned” by a “large” black SUV, then fled the scene east down Observer Highway. Heavy damage. A few people reportedly needed medical attention. Took police a while to find this incident.. I guess that Observer/Newark name change down there still confuses people.

Secondly, a pearl-white 2003 Cadillac Escalade was seen careening into a parked vehicle in the area of 9th and Washington. The airbags deploy, and the actor flees the scene nonetheless. Police didn’t find the vehicle at first, but then discovered the damaged SUV near 7th and Garden. Someone is in a bit of trouble!

I suppose this is part of the problem. People in their enormous fuel-sucking trucks have a superiority complex thinking they rule the road. And the minute they screw up, they then cower away.

Double penalties, I recommend!!

suvgasshuttle - SUV's skipping scene

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