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Fran`s Deli: Dinner for two

As your probably saw earlier in the week, Fran’s Italian Delicatessen downtown (2nd & Hudson) always had very “early” hours. Closing well before many Hoboken residents got home from work.

They recently extended their evening hours till 7:30pm Monday through Wednesday, and to commemorate the expansion – have offered “recession busting” deals after 4pm on those days.

“Dinner for Two” for only $6.95. This week was Chicken Parm, next week is Meatballs, and the final week of the special is Eggplant Parm. Special offer ends on October 27th.

I tried the Chicken Parm this week – and will sum it all up for you right here in 60 seconds:

  • A tremendous value. Several pounds of food and drink for under seven bucks? A great way to ease the burden on your wallet – even if just for one day.
  • A sensibly-sized meal for two. Would two people be “full” from it? Probably not. Would one? Absolutely. But now you have room for a tasty dessert and coffee! Bada Bing!
  • Lotsa Pasta – moderate chicken. You get a heaping pile of penne (could use just a bit more sauce…) and basically four chicken breast sections – not full breasts. But the chicken was cooked and seasoned just fine (no fresh mozz though – but you get what you pay for).
  • Friendly Staff, true home-town feel. The staff at Fran’s are nice people. Accommodating, conversational, and more importantly: personal. That’s what a neighborhood is all about. Not just business, but people as well.

Even at the regular price of $12.95, it wouldn’t be a bad deal. Maybe not enough chicken for that price, but still enough to feed a couple. (I hope they didn’t cut down portion size because of the “special”).

Either way, take a swing by Fran’s Italian Delicatessen and share your thoughts. The promotional price should give you no excuse not to at least try what they are offering. In today’s economy, any good deal is worth exploring at least once!

Don’t forget – meatballs next week – and eggplant parm the week after!

Frans Deli Hoboken NJ special - 60 Second Review: Frans Dinner For Two

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My boyfriend and I tried this on Monday night. We ordered an antipasto salad along with the dinner for two and it came out to about $13. Was delicious and was plenty of food! I can’t believe what a great deal this is. And I agree about the staff – very friendly.