Windshield Tweets: SPAM!


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Windshield Twittering” series…]

Hey, when did I sign up for that?

hoboken no advertisements - Windshield Tweets: SPAM!The worst Windshield Tweets in Hoboken are the unsolicited SPAM you’ll find under the wiper.

Now I’ll admit, maybe one out of 20 fliers left on my car might have sparked some interest at some point in the past – but the vast majority get discarded (often on the sidewalks, further cluttering our city).

But the kicker here is, that some of these fliers get painfully stuck to the windshield especially after it rains, then dries. Many are hard to peel off. At this point, it becomes an annoying safety hazard.

Is it time for “no advertisement” stickers for cars too?

[Stay tuned for the next Windshield Twittering entry!Note: Feel free to share your wiper-spottings – just email Hoboken411 with a clear photo or two, where you spotted it and how you’d like to be credited… ]

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Friday, October 15, 2010 3:55 pm

Keeping an ice scraper in my trunk has proved to be handy on more than one occasion.

Reply to  NorthKrissy
Friday, October 15, 2010 5:50 pm

I am sick and tired of this as well. Not only does this garbage stick to the windshield, it litters the streets and is a huge waste of paper. The No Ad signs would make no difference.
I just got a bunch of junk from Illusion Sushi yesterday in my foyer. I have the sign right on the glass in the door and they totally disregarded it. I know that a friend of mine has asked Nino Giacchi more than once to present a ordinance banning this garbage. He has not acted on it. It makes the city look like crap.
[quote comment=”198828″]Keeping an ice scraper in my trunk has proved to be handy on more than one occasion.[/quote]

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