60 Second Review: Starbucks Morning Bun


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “60 Second Review” series…]

Starbucks Morning Bun

As I’ve become more addicted to coffee, I’ve absolutely changed my tune over the years. Once an anti-Starbucks person, now I’m OK with the billion dollar corporation, because I get many of my fixes during the week from one of the various Starbucks locations in Hoboken.

Regardless, this post is about a simple treat they sell that might surprise you: the Morning Bun.

A cinnamon-swirl type danish – that when heated up for 60 seconds in their convection oven, tastes as good, if not better than something similar you’d get at a pastry shop. Flaky & buttery, with some sprinkled hard sugar, it’s a fine treat when you’re in the mood for something sweet! You have to try it to believe it!

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Starbuck’s? Nooooo.

Fine. But you know who serves a mean croissant, with or without chocolate in it? Ganache. And their coffee is amazing, too.

Did I mention that Ganache has perfected vanilla and chocolate frosting on cupcakes? NO offense to Sweet, but Ganache’s frosting is uber-flavorful and their cupcakes are worth a try!