Officer Assaulted, more drunk nonsense


The latest report of various crime incidents in Hoboken, NJ…

Hoboken police and fire action - Officer Assaulted, more drunk nonsense

Hoboken Police Blotter report 10/12/2010

  • (1): Let’s hit a cop – that’ll hold well in court!
    Summary: Early Saturday morning, October 9th – A Hoboken Police Sergeant just finished his 4-12pm shift, and went to retrieve his personal vehicle from the city parking garage at 2nd & Hudson Streets. He noticed a bunch of punks speeding down the ramp in the garage – who yelled at him to “get out of the f*cking way!” at which point the officer advised them to settle down. The belligerent individuals in their late 20’s then immediately exited the car when the cop identified who he was, but was still assaulted by two of the three men – and later had his car kicked and damaged as he exited the garage. The Sergeant phoned in for assistance. One Hoboken man out of 10th and Jefferson was arrested – the other from Hackensack, NJ left the scene and is still wanted.
    Net-Net: Assault and violent behavior is unnecessary. Plus, you never know who you’re messing with.
  • (2): Nicotine is addictive: Homeless guy beaten as a result
    Summary: On Sunday night, October 10th, an assault with two homeless men beating a third happened near the “drunk corner” by CVS Pharmacy at Newark and Washington Streets. This involved one of the same individuals and the box cutter incident at the same location as reported on Hoboken411 on October 6th. All over a cigarette that the victim did not have.
    Net-Net: It ain’t fun being homeless.
  • (3): Banned drunk causes problems at uptown watering holes
    Summary: After midnight on Sunday Morning, October 10th, Hoboken Police were dispatched to Madison Bar & Grill at 14th and Washington – because a 32 year old Hoboken resident was threatening an employee “I will f*cking kill you, you better watch out!” He had been banned from the Madison a month prior for some kind of unpleasant behavior. Police were told that the drunk proceeded to City Bistro to further put a hurtin’ on his liver. Cops went to City Bistro to have a talk with the man, who became irate and refused to calmly speak with officers. He was eventually arrested for making terroristic threats.
    Net-Net: C’mon, is life that bad? You can always drink at home as much as you want! Just do us all a favor and stay home.

Hoboken NJ Police Blotter October 12 2010 - Officer Assaulted, more drunk nonsense

  • (4): Convertible sliced open
    Summary: On Sunday, October 10th – a man found his wife’s convertible parked at 11th and Washington sliced apart, and the door wide open. An apparent burglary was attempted from Saturday night into Sunday morning. Nothing of value was in or stolen from the convertible.
    Net-Net: What an unnecessary and inconvenient pain in the neck
  • (5): Out of town drunks assault Hoboken resident
    Summary: On Saturday, October 9th, a bunch of out of towners were involved in a fight with a Hoboken resident near 2nd and Bloomfield Streets. One of the actors was from South Carolina, while another was from Maryland. They were apparently drunk, and the victim (who resides at the Hudson Tea Building) was bleeding from the head – possibly being struck by a bottle. Apparently “words were exchanged” prior to the assault. No arrests were made.
    Net-Net: It’s obvious alcohol causes many problems if not consumed responsibly.
  • (6): Longer hours = better chance of drunk customers
    Summary: At 3:15am on Saturday, October 9th – Hoboken Police were dispatched to Qdoba’s for an intoxicated person call. Apparently, a 24 year old male from Linden, NJ had fallen asleep inside the restaurant, and then was asked to leave. Upon *attempting* to exit, he stumbled into a glass window causing significant damage. Police arrived and the man admitted alcohol consumption and promised to pay for the damaged window. He was given a summons for disorderly conduct and was taken home by a sober friend.
    Net-Net: Ditto the previous net-net.

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The same cops that these jackasses assaulted will choose their cellmates. Can we say bend over? LOL


As boring as this news post is… is actually a typical night in Hoboken……not sure where all the cops are saving lives as they talked about during the layoffs…..arresting drunks doesn’t sound that life threatening!!! I think we can get on just fine with a few less cops!!!


What’s all this net-net stuff? Are the cops playing tennis?