Halloween Sights: Ghostly 12th & Hudson


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Halloween Sights 2010” series…]

Always festive during holidays in Hoboken

One thing you can count on in Hoboken (besides political spin from city hall) – is the holiday decorations around town.

This particular corner at 12th and Hudson (diagonal from the uptown Starbucks) always gets the theme going full steam weeks before any major holiday.

In this instance, the Halloween spirit is in full force, with ghosts, webs, and other spooky entities… Kudos to the property owners and/or tenants there that make this possible for passerby to enjoy season after season!

Fake cat spooks Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar

If you’re not the type that walks around like your own full-time Halloween Zombie fixated to your smartphone and facebook account – you should take a look at how much effort was put into this Halloween setup.

There are actually cool props embedded way behind the bushes that add quite a bit of “realistic” detail!

My favorite is the skeleton trying to crawl out of the ground – But Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar – isn’t quite as happy with this – because the freaky cat really spooked him out!

[Stay tuned for the next Hoboken Halloween Sight! – Note: Submit your entry by emailing Hoboken411 along with a brief paragraph a couple photos, and how you’d like to be credited… ]

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Too funny! My dog was spooked as well by that cat. Never gets scared.

Mrs. L
Mrs. L

That dog is adorable.