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A guest review today from a Hoboken resident and dog-owner… And the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar approves!

Dog Grooming Options for the busy Hobokenite

Getting my Australian Shepard groomed tends to be a huge hassle for me. Either I end up with a very clogged tub, have to wait weeks for an appointment, or have to board him for a day ($$$) just to get the grooming done while I’m at work. Though the Hoboken Dog Wash seems like a great option, I have never had the time or motivation to actually bring him there.

Instead, I recently tried the Aussie Pet Mobile (201-815-1787), a mobile dog groomer that operates in Hudson County.

Aussie Pet Mobile a big hit!

Owner Eric Diaz was able to fit me on a Sunday afternoon – the day after I called! Along with Lulu’s help, Eric gave my boy the best grooming he has ever had. Price varies depending on the weight of the dog. Mine is over 50 pounds and has a massive amount of fur, so I fell into the $75 category – but got a $10 discount for being a first-time customer. For dogs with an insane amount of hair, a de-shedding treatment with the Furminator brush and deep-process that reduces shedding up to 80% for an extra $25. I also learned that smaller dogs (under 35 pounds) would be a little less expensive – $65 for a wash.

Selling Points:

  • The 15-step grooming process include a nail clipping and ear cleaning
  • The tubs are sanitized between each customer which you can see for yourself (unlike other places)
  • Dog is hand dried – this is apparently important because letting a dog “drip dry” is actually worse for their skin
  • Totally convenient – they did the entire wash right on the corner and my dog was a new man in just over an hour
  • My dog liked it! I know this sounds strange, but he enjoyed the attention and was happy to be given the royal treatment right in his own ‘hood

Any Drawbacks?

Whereas I didn’t have any problems, my dog did take a while because of his massive amount of fur. I can imagine that some dogs take longer than planned, so staying perfectly on schedule might be tough. Still – there is nothing more convenient than walking a dirty dog outside, getting some things done at home in the peace and quiet, and welcoming back a very happy, tired and fabulous-smelling pooch just an hour later.

All things considered, Aussie Pet Mobile could not be a better deal!

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