Fights, more drunks, and skipping the tab


A fairly pedestrian report of various crime incidents in Hoboken, NJ…

Hoboken Police Blotter report 10/6/2010

  • (1): We don’t get along; so let’s just beat one another!
    Summary: On Sunday, October 3rd around 5:30pm, near the downtown CVS, two homeless guys (one 54, the other 45) get into a verbal spat, scuffle, one gets sliced with box cutter. Both get arrested and charged with various degrees of assault.
    Net-Net: You don’t know these dudes, and it doesn’t affect your life whatsoever, unless you witnessed it and cannot stand the sight of blood.
  • (2): Arts & Music Festival causes loss for local Restaurant
    Summary: On Sunday afternoon, October 3rd, a Hawthorne, NJ man and six of his friends enjoyed a dinner worth $160 (plus tip) at Arthur’s Tavern at 3rd and Washington Street. They took off without paying the bill. The owner of Arthur’s is considering pursuing charges, but has no video evidence to back up his claim.
    Net-Net: Lovely when out-of-towners come here and steal from local businesses.
  • (3): Drunk out of towner bitch-slapped at Pizza Parlor
    Summary: Early Sunday Morning, October 3rd, two females from Bayonne, NJ were getting their after-club pizza-feeding on at Hoboken Pizza, when six guys, said to be of “Arabic descent” got involved with a verbal discussion, asking for personal information from one of the females. The girl refused, and one male slapped her in the face. The men, believed to be from Lodi, NJ – took off in their green Ford Expedition.
    Net-Net: Non-Hoboken residents provide local businesses with revenue, and fight amongst themselves. Also good subject matter for leading Hoboken website.

  • (4): Man unable to live without the internet, scooches moving company tab
    Summary: On September 17th, a man moved from NYC to 6th and Hudson in Hoboken. He utilized Morrissey Moving Company for their services. Was quoted $1200 for nearly 10 hours of manpower. Morrissey completed his move, but the man became irate when they forgot his most prized possession: His computer modem. He called the company who said they had it, but the man was so unhappy about the blunder, canceled his check to the moving company. Hoboken Police say he’s in voilation of NJ Statute 2C:20-8 “Theft of Services.”
    Net-Net: Dude has a serious internet addiction. If the modem was that important, he should have kept it on his person at all times.
  • (5): More nonsensical drunks come to Hoboken and hit each other
    Summary: On Saturday, October 2nd, a Union, NJ man and his girlfriend came to Hoboken for drinks. They parked their car at the Little Man Parking Garage near 1st and River. After enjoying the Mile Square for a few hours, they went to retrieve their car. Apparently the man got into a verbal dispute with a few unknown male actors and was popped in the face a few times with a clenched human fist. The actors fled in a white SUV.
    Net-Net: Alcohol and drugs cause big-mouths, ego problems and violence.
  • (6): 19 year old pregnant girl scuffles with step father
    Summary: On Friday, October 1st – Hoboken Police responded to McDonald’s for an assault call. Apparently, a 19 year old pregnant female (who was listed as living at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter) got into an altercation with her 40 year old step-father from Jersey City. A scuffle ensued, and the man (who has a restraining order against him) allegedly kicked her in the stomach. A complaint was filed for contempt of restraining order and aggravated assault against the man.
    Net-Net: Thank the stars you don’t have family problems like this.

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perry that area u displayed on 13th st use to be the second precient..if only the walls could talk..lots of head taps and leg taps…no aclu…lmao good work in research


I hope the guy who kicked the pregnant girl chokes to death.


The Hoboken411 Police Blotter Report can make some pretty dumb sh*t very funny. Thanks for the laughs!


Been reading Raymond Chen lately, or doing work for Microsoft?