City Council Meeting: 10/6/2010


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Hoboken City Council Preview: 10/6/2010

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! I’m so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!”

– Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Tonight, the never-ending carnival that is the Hoboken City Council picks up where it left off last week. Another night of Long Lenz Lectures (“Triple L’s”), condescension, outrage (both legitimate and mock) begins at 7pm.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come…

Zimmer and Tabakin have lunch at Impostos Hoboken NJ - City Council Meeting: 10/6/2010

Surprise, Surprise! Tabakin is Zimmer choice for Counsel!

When former City Attorney Michael Kates stepped down in a cloud of controversy following the botched Municipal Garage sale, Mayor Dawn Zimmer said she would hold an “open and fair” RFQ process to find a qualified new Corporation Counsel. Hoboken411 told you not to bother, that there would be no open process and the choice was already made.

As predicted here, Mark Tabakin of the political connected Weiner Lesniak law firm will be the new City Attorney after the council majority confirms him tonight.

Tabakin has never been a Corporation Counsel before, but his ties to powerful State Senator Ray Lesniak will help unelected councilman Michael Lenz raise money from outside of Hoboken for his November election. Money talks, again.

Hoboken Housing Authority Police back on the agenda

The “Belfiore Plan” to bring dedicated police coverage to the Hoboken Housing Authority is on the agenda again. Five officers were saved from a layoff notice when the Zimmer Administration finally acted on an 18-month old proposal by frequent public speaker Perry Belfiore, but politics being what it is in Hoboken, the Mayor tried to direct credit to her unelected 4th ward councilman.

Never-ending Newark Street door project over-budget

Getting a contract to do work for the City of Hoboken is like hitting the lottery, because no matter how much your low bid is you can always count on a big over-budget payday!

The going-on-for-months repair of the Newark Street City Hall entrance is now $13,524 over-budget. That’s right. A simple two-door entrance has a nearly 14 grand overrun! A resolution to fund the change orders will be on the agenda.

More Hoboken City Cost Overruns - City Council Meeting: 10/6/2010

Rubber stamps, agenda, resolutions

The council majority will also rubber-stamp the Mayor’s 6-month budget gimmick tonight, and deal with many more issues you can see in the agenda and resolution package.

Video Archives after the jump…

City Council Meeting 10/6/2010 Part I

City Council Meeting 10/6/2010 Part II

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Keen Observer

With all the hoopla surrounding the appointment of a Ray Lesniak pawn as corporation counsel did anyone notice that Carmelo Garcia and the Housing Authority gang advertised for rfps for a public relations-grant writer for Section 8 Housing on Friday with a return date the following Monday?
One, it is legal to have such a short return date? Two, why would anyone need a p.r. person for Section 8 housing? There has to be a waiting list 50 miiles long. Three, it’s obvious the contract was a set-up for a “friend.” Can the media/press find out who got this contract?