Heart Beat Style “Flatlines”

Heart Beat Style to close in Hoboken, NJ

Looks like we have another retail fatality in Hoboken. Heart Beat Style on Newark Street is getting ready to close up shop.

Perhaps this spot wasn’t conducive for a successful ladies apparel shop?

Heart Beat Style closes on Newark Street in Hoboken New Jersey

9/19/2007 Update:

The owner informed me that both locations will be open. Here are the hours for both stores:

Mon: closed; Tue/Wed: 2pm-8pm; Thu/Fri: 1pm-8pm; Sat: 11am-8pm; Sun: 11am-7pm (12pm-6pm uptown)

9/18/2007 Update:

Heart Beat Style, which opened up an uptown location back in March of 2007, has another store opening on Newark St. between Garden & Park. Not sure if they’re just re-locating and eventually shutting down the original store, or maintaining two locations. The sign in the window uptown indicated two addresses. They were closed yesterday and I couldn’t reach them.

From the looks of the interior picture, it seems as if they’re already prepared for the usual flooding. Because all the clothes were above the flood line. Smart peeps!


3/23/2007 Update:

Heart Beat Style opened yesterday. Various affordable womens clothing is now at your disposal. They plan to be open from 12-8pm, seven days a week. Prices range from about $25-$30 for tops, dresses in the $40-$60 range, and nothing really over $100. New inventory weekly. They’re a little light on stock at the moment, but plan to beef up over the next few days, with more jeans, jewelry and bags, too.

Oh, I have about a dozen “20% off” coupons if any of the ladies might be interested in trying it out at a discount, just let me know.

Read more about the owners below.


12/22/2006 Update:

An in-depth interview with owners of Heart Beat today revealed a lot about what they intend their new Hoboken location to be all about.

Opening their Manhattan location only six months ago, co-owners Ousmane and Momar knew they were on to something good. Their shop at 1317 2nd Ave. (between 69th and 70th Streets) is already incredibly successful, selling contemporary and affordable clothing to the style-conscious residents of the Upper East Side.


More below!

With 99% of their products offered at $100 or less, they’ve been a big hit with the wide ranging 18-60 year-old female demographics in the area. Providing independent and private-label merchandise from European designers all over the world, their items are flying off the shelves, with many pieces influenced by Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana designs.

While they intended to open their doors in Hoboken on December 1st, they’re still awaiting Hoboken permit approval to officially bring their flavor to our town. Odds are, it will be sometime mid-January.

Ousmane indicates that one of the reasons his Manhattan location is doing so well, and that Hoboken can expect the same, is that their inventory is perpetually changing. Often not carrying more than one size per item, they get constantly rotating stock of interesting and appealing items each week, which compels their loyal customers to keep checking back to ensure they get first pick of the fresh selection.

Both Ousmane and Momar have extensive fashion industry experience, ranging from being personal assistants to Versaci, to key employees at Saks and influential personnel at Barney’s NY.

My personal interaction with them led me to believe that they are sincere, passionate people. I have faith that they’ll understand the culture of Hoboken, listen to their potential customers and continue their success that they’ve enjoyed already at their NYC location.

Let’s welcome Heart Beat when they open their doors next year!


Seems as if we have a clothing/accessory/handbag store moving into the old DaNal space. Goes by the name “Heart beat.” (Website not fully operational yet.) Retail clothing shops seem to be gaining in popularity. Just in the last few months we’ve had Jessie James, Pieces of Hoboken, Anthology and more! What’s a girl to do?

Description – Clothes, accessories & handbags for women.
Address – 1214 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – TBD
Website – www.heartbeatstyle.com

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Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Sunday, September 21, 2008 10:40 pm

Re 27., I’d be grateful you got store credit, Magyar.

After what came down last week & the trickle down for retail.

Does your damaged/returned garment, leading to store credit, really matter much, when many in Hoboken lost their jobs this past week?

Sunday, September 21, 2008 3:50 pm

BEWARE! I unknowingly purchased a damaged sweater from this store. When I went back to exchange the item I was treated very poorly by the sales person who insinuated that the damage was caused by me. After much discussion, she agreed to return the merchandise and credit my card since they could not offer an exchange. However, when she gave me the credit receipt it was a “store credit” and not the “refund” she told me would show up on my card in 3 days. She obviously lied and refused to give me a refund. I will never shop there again!

Thursday, August 28, 2008 6:19 pm

This store looks like it has GREAT stuff (at least from the sidewalk). I live a block away and I’ve honestly NEVER caught it when it’s open. In fact, I saw on here that the hours were 1-8 on Thursday’s and Friday’s. So, I just ran over there (1:45 on a Thursday) and they were closed, as usual! It’s too bad. Because like I said, the stuff in the window looks really cute.

Sunday, October 14, 2007 10:43 am

I feel like I can get the same quality stuff for 80% of the price at Forever 21. Also I’ve noticed a lot of the brands you can buy at Macy’s, again for the fraction of the price. But most of the places here in Hoboken I feel are overpriced.

Saturday, October 13, 2007 9:56 pm

The quality of their clothes is not great. I purchased an item which turned out to be defective. When I tried to exchange it, the girls at the register were rude & took a tone. Retail in Hoboken is not always successful. Heartbeat should try to keep their customers feeling happy & valued. Selling items w/holes, or rips is unethical. Had I noticed these imperfections at the store I would not have purchased. It would have been nice to have been greeted with a smile & given an opportunity to exchange the product or a refund. I will never shop here again.

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