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6/26/2008 Update:

What happens when you can’t (or don’t want to) go to yet another one of the infamous Mayor Roberts ribbon-cutting ceremonies?

Call on the reliable all-purpose Mr. Davey Ribbon-Cutting Cutout. Great for all occasions! (click link to see all the fun uses!)

hoboken harborside lofts playground 1500 park now open mayor roberts ribbon cutting - Harborside Lofts

Anyway, the little park next to Harborside Lofts (aka 1500 Park) is now open, much to the delight of hyper kiddies and lazy stroller moms (and nannies).

Good news today, but with Hoboken’s luck, it’ll make news again some time in the future. What do you think it’ll be?



6/23/2008 Update:

It’s been quite a while (2006) since any updates to the Harborside Lofts post took place.

However, several readers have been complaining about the “park” over at the new Toll Brothers development on 15th Street uptown. Apparently many “north Hoboken” kids are crying because they can’t use this park.

Some folks think that the park is being used as political leverage, and it’s just waiting for “optimum ribbon cutting timing.”

hoboken harborside lofts playground 3 - Harborside Lofts

What’s the deal with the park?

Here’s a small sample of the many emails that have been received…

  • “I am writing in connection with the little park at 15th Street between Park St. and the “Harborside” building, which is the new apt. building next to the Tea Buildings. It is little more than two jungle gyms and a covered gazebo. That park has been assembled and waiting for action since the snow was flying, and yet the place is still locked up, for no apparent reason. Do you have any idea why it’s still locked up?”
  • “I have a 2 yr old who rattles the fence every day and asks when he can go inside and he is growing weary of mummy telling him “the men are still building it” when he can clearly see the men are all done building it!”
  • “I am a resident at Harborside Lofts and it is really frustrating for my daughter to look out her bedroom window at this beautiful playground that she can’t play in!”


Here we have the previously hideous eyesore shell of a building located at 1500 Garden Street finally being converted into something more useful. The Harborside Lofts. Prices range from about $500k for a 700sq foot studio to over $1MM for a 3000sq foot 3br. With $80k down, plus taxes and maintenance you can have a studio for about $3400 per month. I think that may even include heat/AC and internet access! But hey, it’s out of my range, but for those that can afford it, more power to you!

Personally, I’ve always had concerns with Toll Brothers misleading advertising and inaccurate information produced on their websites.

See some analysis regarding this property and other Toll Bros. related information below:
harborside - Harborside Lofts

For starters, I checked the floorplans, and these seem like standard apartments, regardless of “amenities.” Why they call them lofts is beyond me, unless I’ve missed something? A studio is a studio, and a 3 bedroom has 3 bedrooms. Aren’t lofts just giant open spaces?

Secondly, look at the image above. Can that be further from the truth?

1. 85 foot trees in Hoboken? What is this? Redwood National Forest?
2. Last time I checked, this was NOT the view from this building (see aerial photos below.)
3. More 80+ foot trees. Sure seems like it’s in the middle of nature here.

Here’s the views from other vantage points:

It is near water, but only an murky inlet from the Hudson. Your view there would be of Weehawken and the Park Ave. bridge.
harborsidelookingnorth - Harborside Lofts

Looking eastward, the north and northeast units will have somewhat of a view, but the other units will get blocked by the taller Hudson Tea Building.
harborsidelookingeast - Harborside Lofts

Why they’re allowed to mis-market their properties is beyond me.

Also, on their commercial property website, they have a “map of the area“. While it’s improved slightly from the last time I saw it, there are location errors on the map. You’d think that a mega-developer would at least know the area they’re building in a little better? Can you find the mistakes?

tollmap - Harborside Lofts

They also list the median income for a 3-mile radius of Hoboken at $445,821!! Whoa!

I’m not against “luxury” buildings per se, as long as our city doesn’t become over-developed, pushing our infrastructure over the limit.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:54 pm

Doesn’t matter Katie. If the poster was ranting on their hatred for self entitled J. Crew wearing people (brigade), then there are some issues that perhaps stem from past dressing room trauma – or they think anyone wearing J. Crew both has no style thus feel entitled to pedestel status. If the poster was trying to say self entitled preppy people, then it’s bigotry – because they single out a class, and not the sense of self entitlement upon which the vent is presented as being the target.

Or the answer is D

Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:51 pm

I don’t think it’s up for debate that kids need to be taught discipline – the question is how to do it. My parents never hit or threatened me, so I can’t relate – but they did instill a sense in me that disappointing them was a Bad Thing. While I’m sure that doesn’t work for every kid, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that the solution to out-of-control kids is a parent who instills fear in them via threat of physical harm.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:47 pm

[quote comment=”90112″]

Let’s not use the issue to spark a class war.[/quote]
I use the term breeder in reference to a specific type – those who really believe that their only purpose in this life is to have a child(ren) AND lord their parenthood over others as though it makes them superior to any non-parent.

Second, I highly doubt anyone using “J. Crew Catalog” to describe a group of people is starting a class war. I don’t think too many posters on this board are unable to afford J. Crew, Armani, maybe, but J. Crew, nah.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:44 pm

What is it, cherry picking season?

Sense of (self) entitlement has nothing to do with any demographic classification.

In my short life, I’ve seen this sense of entitlement displayed everywhere amongst all people, for all situations. People feel entitled to whatever it is they believe they selfishly should receive. Tell me that doesn’t apply to all demographics.

To specify a sense of entitlement to one class is, well, bigotry.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:08 pm

I agree that a sense of entitlement is a very bad thing.
Spoiled children are quite annoying and harmful to the community and our future society.

But that does NOT mean that all or even most yuppies in new condos are bad parents. Many of the kids are great and well-behaved.

I don’t understand the harsh terms used to denigrate these folks as “breeders” and “walking J crew catalogues”.

If we don’t like their approach to the park issue, let’s discuss their approach. If we don’t like the behavior of many local children, ler’s discuss that issue.

Let’s not use the issue to spark a class war.

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