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Society wants the net-net; Hoboken411 does it better

Stories have long come in all shapes and sizes here on Hoboken411. From the comprehensive, fact-based political articles and thorough photo galleries (like the original Hoboken Photo of the Day series), to brief updates on existing entries, doomed businesses, etc.

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However, I encounter many situations in town, that may not always warrant a full write-up. After all I live, work and shop in Hoboken for longer than some have even been “adults,” and have thousands of experiences that could easily be shared with the biggest Mile Square audience in history!

This has been addressed to some degree already in the past – with features like “Breakfast Nuggets” but now’s the time for a better way to handle it. Especially since so many of us are getting used to the super-brief 140 character text messages or tweets.

From time to time, a “Hoboken 60 Second Review” will be published about practically any business, restaurant, bar, or other entity (you’re getting five this week). The premise is simple: the blunt truth and a photograph. But I’m allowed to go beyond the text limitations…

To start off the inaugural Hoboken 60 Second Review:

Hoboken has a new wings champ!

The confusing Chicken Factory at 529 Washington Street is not a chicken-killing factory whatsoever. What it is, is a Korean restaurant.

Like I mentioned in the original write-up, was that the owners wanted to deal with chicken exclusively, but after they did “market research” in town, realized that Hoboken really needed a decent Korean place. So their menu includes many other items besides chicken.

But you can read what others have said about Chicken Factory – the wings kick ass. Meat falls off the bone, and they’re cooked to perfection. They come in two “flavors,” Ginger-Soy, and Sweet & Spicy (You can have half & half if you’re unsure). That’s what I did, and liked the spicy wings much better.

Pros: Best wings in Hoboken. The cons listed below are still worth it.
Cons: Long wait (20-25 minutes), missing the usual bleu cheese, cost more than you’d expect (about a buck a wing).

Chicken Factory Hoboken NJ wings are delicious - New 411 Feature: 60 Second Reviews

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