Another Santa? How can that be?

12/20/2006 Update:

Here we have some photos of Santa giving to the kids. Also a YouTube video. Big props to the Hoboken Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce for making these kids happy. 100’s of presents and good times all around. Sorry for the quick updates today. 411 is severely under the weather and pre-posted these the night before. Have a great Wednesday!



We have a little case of mistaken identity here in Hoboken, with TWO Santas appearing at the same time! Hmmmmm.

This second mysterious Santa will be at the Boys & Girls Club at 123 Jefferson Street tomorrow from 5pm – 7pm. But wait, he’s actually giving gifts to the children (which some were even donated by Rotary Club members and the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce).

So which is the real one? The one giving gifts to kids? Or the one doing the photo-shoot and happy sing-a-longs a City Hall? Wait, I can smell an impostor from a mile away! The real Santa doesn’t care about happy photo ops as much as he does about giving stuff to kids. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here?


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411, let me know if I should bring you over some whiskey to knock that cold outta you.


So Santa is becomming the Lindsay Lohan of Hoboken?