Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets: 10/18/2010


Another weekend in the books! Let’s see what we have to start off the work week…

Classless Philly Fans

Maybe folks are so comfortable “anonymously” trashing and insulting anyone they want on the internet – they think they can bring the disrespect anywhere they want. Like the personal attack signs Philly fans held up towards San Francisco Giant pitcher Tim Lincecum on Saturday night.

If society continues devolving like this, the next logical progression for signs will be “I want you dead,” and “your mother is a whore.” And seeing what people say on the internet already – this may not be too far behind. Shameful.

Occhipinti Meet & Greet Tonight at West End Station

4th Ward Council Candidate Tim Occhipinti is having a Meet & Greet Fundraiser at the new West End Station restaurant over at the SkyClub (700 First Street) tonight from 6-8pm.

Campaign Chairman Michael Novak organized the event, which will include special guests NJ State Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr., and Newark Councilman Ron Rice, Jr.

Two new Hoboken411 features launched last week!

To categorize “all things Hoboken” exactly is next to impossible. Which is why many posts here on Hoboken411 fall into rather general categories (random, etc.).

But that’s bothered me for almost the entire five years this site has existed. With tens of thousands of updates here, your list of precise categories might become too difficult to group properly (which is why the search box comes in very handy when trying to locate specific articles).

However, as you saw last week two such categories made their debut: 60 Second Reviews – and Windshield Twittering. Keep an eye on more updates in the future, as well as other new features coming soon!

Hoboken 5-day Weather Planner

The depressing weather we had recently is history – And this week looks like a mixed bag for the beginning – with seasonable fall conditions for the second half.

Hoboken Redwings Suffer First Loss

After starting the season to an impressive 5-0, the Hoboken Redwings Varsity football team stumbled to their first loss of the season – falling to Lincoln 42-18.

The Redwings next opponent is St. Anthony Prep (10/23) who are still undefeated (6-0) – even destroying the same team Hoboken lost to this week by the score of 42-16. Will the Redwings get annihilated? Or chalk up an upset for the Mile Square?

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