Lounge 11 another fight

lounge11again.gifThis is becoming a broken record here in Hoboken. Not that anything substantial turns up about it, but each week there is almost always some kind of altercation at the Lounge 11bar.

Tonight, yet another booze-infused fracas resulted in more police action.

– Why do tempers frequently flair up at this joint?
– Why is it always over before Police arrive?
– What can be done to prevent it?
– Who is involved with these fights?
– Does anyone care?

Have a happy (and quiet) holiday!

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Idiots that go straight to the BANK… Don’t put everyone in that category of being idiots because a few IDIOTS that do cause trouble here are no reflection of the owners of the establishment because there are fights and disturbances at every bar in this town, so is it safe to say all the owners of these establishments are also idiots…


Lounge11 sucks its a breeding ground for wanabe gangsters and idiots. The people who own the joint are idiots so you paint the picture.


$700/month lease payment…hehehe. I love seeing people in cars they can’t afford! love it!!!!


You have to be careful with a place like lounge 11,especially in the winter. Considering it is a huge guido breeding ground and the weather is obviously too cold to be down at the shore, the crowd congregates to Lounge 11 or the Sand bar in Jersey City. I would say most fights revolve around drunk guys who realize that they A)don’t have a job(if they do, they are very crappy ones B)still live at home C) have a $700 car lease payment every month. This usually leaves a lot of them to feel that fighting will make them feel important, thus the weekly incidents that occur.. That’s my take