2010 MLB Playoffs Continue

10/13/2010 Update:

2010 MLB Playoffs: ALCS & NLCS

Congrats to the Yankees, Phillies, Rangers and Giants for making the League Championship Series! Pick the winners! (Hoboken411 readers got 3 of 4 right for the division series round…)

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See results from the first round poll after the jump!


Let the games begin!

The Major League Baseball Playoffs start this Wednesday, October 6th – with at least two teams that have a strong following here in Hoboken. The New York Yankees (of course), and the Philadelphia Phillies games will certainly have a strong viewership at local bars.

Who do you think will win? Many sports analysts show Philly as the “team to beat” this year, while the Bronx Bombers stuttered at the end of the season, and limped in as the AL wild-card. I personally have no idea what to expect this year. But it would be very nice to see a repeat of the 2009 World Series.

Pick the winners!

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Hopefully next year we’ll see the Mets somewhere in the equation. Wishfull thinking.


Wouldn’t surprise me to see both Philadelphia and New York take early exits in the first round.